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Biggest Brits

It's now official. The Spice Girls are the biggest Brit Pop group ever to emerge. Their debut album, "Spice" which only recently has been released in the US has gone straight to no. 1. The Beatles couldn't manage it and Oasis never made it but the Spice Girls made history. To celebrate, the Girls performed their first broadcasted live performance of Say You'll Be There on David Letterman's Show. If you missed it....WHY??

Red Royal

Prince Charles was redder than ever this week. The Prince of Wales met the Spice Girls at the Manchester Gala marking the 21st anniversary of the Prince's Trust. When the Prince reached the end of the line, he reached what he least expected. The Spice Girls, namely Mel B and Geri planted 2 big red kisses on his face. The scarlet lipstick now matched the colour of his face!! Then, Geri decided to tell the Prince

"I think you are very sexy"

Victoria also had a dig at the prince with the word "Brilliant" and Mel B decided to ask the prince

"Can we come to dinner please?"

The Prince however didn't just keep quiet. He obviously knows something about them because he was eager to know

"Girl Power. What does that mean?"

He also praised the group by telling the girls that they were

"extremely good to do all this"

When the prince thought he had got of lightly, Geri told him

"We could spice up your life"

and then patted him on the bottom before he was led to take his seat for the performance.
It didn't stop there though. During the girls' live performances of Say You'll Be There, Mama and Wannabe, when Geri sang the line "we could be just fine" (Wannabe), there was a wink in the Prince's Direction.
The full Gala performance will be seen on British TV within the next fortnight and includes (other than the Spice Girls) Phil Collins, Stephen Fry, Michael Barrymore and many others.

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