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Oct 29/00 - I changed the colors on the main page and some pages to black and blue. Some might not be full blown as the main page. This is for the release of BSB's album "Black & Blue" on November 21. 'Breaking Away' is being re-edit at the moment. besides, blue's my favourite color and I'm not from Kentucky! :p

Oct 11/00 - Yowza! I just caught the video for Shape of My Heart yesterday! It's simple but really... nice. I don't know how to put it in words but it's definitely good. Kevin's hair looked like it had been on the Backstreet's Back album cover. I also caught the MTV Exclusive performance of Shape of My Heart which was great even though it was one song but it was great to see them sing it and hear it. I cannot wait for the album!

On a side note, this page won't be updated as much as before as you all noticed. I'm in a long, long writer's block. I'm busy with my job, the kids in the youth and the youth itself. When I do go on line, I check my emails and surf around other sites. I hope you all will understand.

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