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Spice Girls

8th September 1998

Some British educators say they fear the "girl power" of the Spice Girls could soon inspire "mommy power" in teen-age girls.

Victoria Adams and Mel Brown have recently announced their unwed pregnancies.

The president of a principals' association tells several London newspapers the Spice Girls could inspire a new wave of teen pregnancies as fans try to copy their idols.

Judith Mullen says girls who feel they are academic failures could see copycat pregnancy as glamorous or as a way to raise their self-esteem.

But she stresses she's not criticizing the Spice Girls, noting they're in "loving, caring relationships."

28th August 1998

Both Posh Spice and Scary Spice are reported to be pregnant. Victoria Adams is three months pregnant, according to a report in Friday's Sun. Victoria told the rest of the Spice Girls on tour in America. She will marry England footballer, David Beckham, following the birth. Meanwhile Mel B (Scary Spice) is also said to be pregnant according to the News Of The World. She is said to be marrying her fiance Jimmy Gulzar as soon as they finish their American tour.

In other news, Geri is to sell off much of her Spice wardrope for charity at Southerbys. The sale includes her famous British Flag outfit and boots she wore and the Brit Award in 1996.

Source: Dot Music

21st August 1998

According to a report in the "London Sun," Posh Spice is three months pregnant. The paper quotes a Spice "insider" as saying that Posh, a.k.a. Victoria Adams, was forced to tell her bandmates while on tour in America after suffering bouts of morning sickness.

The "Sun" reports that Adams, 24, intends to continue with the group, although she plans on taking a substantial amount of time off. They add that she won't be marrying her fiancé, soccer star David Beckham, until after the birth of the baby, and that the pregnancy was not planned. The couple were said to be thrilled.

Beckham was tightlipped but cheerful when confronted by reporters outside his Manchester home, according to Britain's PA News, saying only: "I'd rather not talk about it."

13th August 1998

While Scary Spice, a.k.a Melanie Brown is currently winding down the Spice Girls' summer tour, she is already beginning to cast her eye both to the new Girls album, as well as her own solo record, which she hopes to release next year.

Mel B. is already building a studio in her home in England, and says that she will bring her collaborators into her home to record most of the album, which she says will have more of an R&B flavor.

Some of Mel B.'s music idols and favorites she is attempting to peg for her album, include Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige and Prince, of whom Mel spoke about last week.

"I think everybody's a fan of Prince's music," Brown told the MTV Radio Network, "I think [his career] has been going for such a long time that he's a bit of a legend, really. But who knows what we'll do together. You never really know until you get in the studio and see what the vibe is like."

In other Spice solo news, Mel B. also said that Baby Spice recently did some work with Rod Stewart and that Mel C. is working on a project with Bruce Willis.

7th August 1998

The Spice Girls are known to be animated characters, but a new "Spice World" game for the Sony PlayStation gives the phrase a whole new meaning.

Released in coordination with the Spice Girls current tour of the U.S., the Sony PlayStation game is designed to reach out to a virgin market in the game industry -- pre-adolescent girls.

As part of the "Spice World" game, players assume the identity of any of the Spice Girls, including the departed Ginger Spice, and choreograph dance routines and mix music samples for a virtual concert.

For die-hard fans, "Spice World" also features some 30 minutes never-before-seen interviews with the group, as well as footage of the girls in concert and backstage.

21st June 1998

Rapper-producer Missy Elliott, Mel B of the Spice Girls and acclaimed director Hype Williams recently convened at a Brooklyn shipyard to shoot the video for Missy and Mel's collaboration, "I Think I Want You Back."

The two recorded the track for the soundtrack to "Why Do Fools Fall In Love," an upcoming film about the life of '50s singer Frankie Lymon.

"I'm still in shock like about it," Elliott said, "because I must say I'm a Spice Girl fan. As a matter of fact, I just rented 'Spice World' the other night. So you know, it's real cool. She's like really, really down-to-earth."

For the video, Mel B was adorned with a noticeably new hair-do, although Scary said she didn't plan to abandon her trademark coifs anytime soon.

"I like it because for the first time I can actually run my fingers through my hair," Mel B said. "But I don't know if I'd like it all the time. Because you know I just like waking-up and off I go.

16th July 1998

Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has been revamped. The one-time topless model and Turkish TV game show hostess is pictured in the UK edition of Marie Claire magazine posing barefoot, dressed in black with her hair tied back and natural make-up. The new look for the former Ginger Spice is a far cry from that of the feisty redhead who, during a photo op, kissed Prince Charles. The sophisticated look is part of her new image and reflects growing self-esteem, Halliwell said in her first major interview since splitting in June with the Spice Girls over still-undisclosed differences with her fellow singers.

9th July 1998

Move over, Miss Havisham: Scary Spice isn't getting married after all. The Spice Girl, whose real name is Melanie Brown, has broken off her engagement to Jimmy Gulzar, a dancer in the British pop group's show. The breakup comes just six weeks after the proposal. The London Sun says a big fight between Scary and Gulzar preceded the split. But there's still a wedding in the Spice Girls' future: Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams is planning to marry English soccer star David Beckham.

8th July 1998

Britain's Prince William is in -- but the biggest pop phenomenon since the Beatles is not. The Spice Girls didn't make the cut for the 1998-99 edition of International Who's Who. Richard Fitzwilliams, editor of the London-based bible of the world's most powerful, influential and gifted people, says the omission of the Spice Girls was not intended as a snub. He notes that what began as a five-girl group is now down to four with the departure of Ginger Spice (Geri Halliwell). "It is simply the policy of International Who's Who that you've got to have staying power before you are included," Fitzwilliams said.

Source: People Magazine

9th July 1998

In response to Monday's PEOPLE Daily item about tabloid suggestions that Geri Halliwell (the former Ginger Spice) is at least 10 years older than the 25 she claims to be, Charlotte O'Leary, of Watford, Herts., England, writes us to say: "It really annoys me when the tabloids start going on and on about Geri's age. She is definitely 25 as she was two years above me at school." Furthermore, states O'Leary, "If a tabloid claims she is 10 years older than she is, then there isn't much chance of anything else in there being true, either."

29th June 1998

How old is ex-Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell? The New York Post claims the so-called 25-year-old is really 35, and that the undated nude photographs of her in Playboy a few months ago were actually taken in the 1970s. "Hey, my mother lies about her age," the Spice Girls' publicist told the Post. The paper suggests that Geri dropped out of the Spices because she "simply outgrew the group."

18th June 1998

It has been confirmed that Mel B is going to do a solo project in the next few weeks. Melanie Brown has stated that this will not affect the current US tour or the future of the Spice Girls. The other Spice Girls are also expected to do solo projects this year.

17th June 1998

The Spice Girls opened their 40-city North American tour in West Palm Beach, FL, Monday night without Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell (who quit the group two weeks ago). Ginger's absence did not seem to damper anyone's spirits. Neither did the 100-degree heat. "We love the Spice Girls, and their music is so cool and how they dress," 15-year-old Kathy Garcia, wearing a halter top and black athletic pants to look like Sporty Spice, told the Associated Press.

15th June 1998

Several American music executives, asked by the Los Angeles Times if they'd give ex-Spice Girl Geri "Ginger" Halliwell a record contract, responded with a collective guffaw. "I think that she will for years be my standard for telling a singer why not to leave a group," said one. Opined another: "I'm not averse to a pop act. I'm averse to a talentless act ... If she could sing, maybe we could have a discussion about it."

9th June 1998

In their first appearance since Ginger Spice Geri Halliwell stormed out of the group, the Spice Girls vowed that "Spice Power" would last forever -- and banned reporters' questions about Halliwell's dramatic departure late last month. Baby, Sporty, Scary and Posh Spice grouped on stage yesterday in the northern Italian town of Modena for rehearsals for a charity concert with superstar tenor Luciano Pavarotti to raise funds for young victims of Liberia's civil war. "We're just so excited about the future! Girl Power will go on forever," the foursome chimed. Meanwhile, there has been an unconfirmed report that Halliwell has done a secret screen-test for the upcoming movie version of "Charlie's Angels."

Source: People Magazine

4th June 1998

Just to make it clear that Ginger Spice is no longer part of the group, her vocal tracks for the next Spice Girls album have been tossed out. The upcoming album will feature just four Spice Girls since Geri Halliwell announced her resignation Sunday. "Fans shouldn't expect Geri to be part of the third Spice Girls album in any shape or form," said a source.

4th June 1998

Don't weep for the unemployed Geri Halliwell. The redheaded, 25-year-old former "Ginger" Spice of the Spice Girls, who quit the group because of differences with her fellow singers, appears to have her work cut out for her. Reuters reports she's talking with the British Broadcasting Corporation about a possible role on a TV show, a BBC spokeswoman said Wednesday. But there was no firm information on what role Halliwell -- a former topless model and Turkish TV game show host -- might fill. "The channels are open, but there is nothing concrete," the BBC rep said. Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that one of the producers of the Broadway show "The Life," a musical about the pimps and prostitutes who inhabited New York's Times Square before its recent clean-up (wags call the show "Orgy and Bess"), is racing across the Atlantic to offer Halliwell a leading role in the soon-to-open London production.

Source: People Magazine

3rd June 1998

Scary Spice is the Queen Spice now. That's what a sourceclose to the Spice Girls tells the New York Post, now thatGeri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell has quit the group. "There'sno question that Scary is the Spice Girls' new frontwoman," the source said. "She is the dominant personality now, and you're going to see her showing off a lot more at concerts and being a lot more vocal at press conferences." Halliwell had been the British pop group's de facto leader, but the girls' chauffeur told a British newspaper that there was a hot rivalry between Scary and Ginger. He said Scary's bad-mouthing "would reduce Gerito floods of tears." The remaining four Spice Girls plan to go ahead with their U.S. tour starting this month.

Source: People Magazine

2nd June 1998

Geri's defection is having a ripple effect in Britain. The stock of the giant music corporation EMI Group, which handles the Spice Girls, fell 3% in Monday's trading. Meanwhile, telephone counselors on a suicide help-line braced for a flood of calls from distraught pre-pubescent fans.

1st June 1998

Well it is official, Geri has quit the Spice Girls citing unspecified "differences" with the other four members.

"I'm sure the group will continue to be successful, and I wish them all the best," Halliwell said in a statement read by lawyers. "P.S.," she added, "I'll be back."

The remaining Spice Girls said in a statement that they were "upset and saddened," but vowed to soldier on as a quartet. "The Spice Girls are here to stay -- see you in the stadiums, friendship never ends."

Geri had missed two concerts last week claiming "tummy trouble." There was no comment on earlier reports that Geri and her group had a very public argument with her group-mates last week in an airport in Helsinki, Finland.

The Ginger-less Spice Girls debut as a quartet at a children's charity concert in Modena, Italy on Tuesday. The Girls launch their U.S. tour on June 15 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Source: MTV Online

31st May 1998

Spice Girls
Ginger Spice has quit the Spice Girls to launch a solo career, according to reports in London today.

Officially, Ginger is suffering from gastroenteritis and has missed two nights of the Norwegian leg of a world tour. A source close to the band told the Mirror that this was just a cover. "She's out. It's a combination of feeling exhausted and wanting to go out on her own."

The other Spice Girls performed in Oslo as a quartet for a second time last night. A member of their entourage said: "Their attitude is: `Well, if Geri wants out, sod her. We will carry on without her'." One source close to Geri, the most strong-willed member of the group, told the rival Sun that she had vowed never to perform with the others again.

But according to the Mirror, the split has been amicable. It quoted another "close friend" of Out-in-the-cold Spice as saying: "The girls will always be friends. They have been through such a lot together that it would be childish to fall out . . . It's been an exhausting and amazing couple of years."

With the girls' American tour due to begin on 14 June, the newspaper reported that the girls had held meetings about how to cope with the sudden loss of a member.

The Mirror also reported that Virgin Records' director of promotions, Mr Tony Barker, had told staff at the group's record label that Geri would not rejoin the group. One Virgin staff member said that everyone at the record label had been told to keep quiet until the rest of the Spice Girls had agreed on what to do next.

Source: The Age Newspaper, Melbourne, Australia

31st May 1998

Well the rumours are flying again today about the Spice Girls' future after Geri Halliwell failed to perform with the group for a second straight night. A spokeswoman said Thursday that Ginger Spice's absence was caused by a stomach bug. But hours later, a spokesman said he could not comment on a report in the tabloid Sun that Geri had walked out after a "blazing row," and possibly for good. "She's had to take a couple of days off, that's all I know. Beyond that I'm as in the dark as anyone," he said. The Spice Girls are scheduled to head for the U.S. next month for a 40-city tour. The other Spice Girls have stuck to the story Thursday evening that she was simply ill.

28th May 1998

Geri disclosed Tuesday she underwent emergency surgery seven years ago to remove a small lump in her right breast. A spokeswoman for the group said Geri was working as a dancer at London's Astoria nightclub when she discovered the growth. "I knew that if the lump was cancerous I would lose my breast," Geri, told the Sun newspaper. "It was really a tough time. But it made me realize how precious life is." The lump turned out to be benign. Geri decided to reveal her experience to encourage women to seek proper advice on breast cancer.

22nd May 1998

Geri's now dating her Spice Boy dancer, 24 year old Christian Horsfall after splitting from polo player, Jamie Morrison. Geri fell for the ladykiller Christian while the couple were rehearsing their hot routines for the Spice tour. Heart-throb Christian, who did his own stunts in a TV ad recently is so keen on Geri, he dragged her off to windswept Cleethorpes to meet his mom, Vanessa and stepdad Dave. The lovestruck pair was seen rolled up at Leisureland in a Jag - to play Bingo.

MelB and her hunk - Jimmy Gulzar - haven been spotted canoodling and spending a lot of time together at the Victoria and Albert Hotel in Manchester. She showed off her new love on one Monday night when they walked hand in hand to a party at the city's Mash and Air restaurant. Posh Spice Victoria was there too with fiance' David Beckham. Band insiders say they began to twig that Mel and her dancer's relationship had changed when their dance routines became even hotter.

Titanic heart-throb Leo Di Caprio has the hots for Emma Lee Bunton. Leo fell for Emma while in London to promote 'The Man In The Iron Mask'. Love-hungry Leo revealed his passion to Emma in a romantic note:-
" To Emma. Be my Juliet. Love Leo."
But Leo's lust is Bard-ly timed. Emma has just got back with old flame, Lee Brennan, star of top Brit's boy band, 911.


15th May 1998

The British tabloids are reporting that Scary Spice Mel Brown is engaged to marry her boyfriend of seven weeks, dancer Jimmy Gulzar.

Gulzar performs as Mel's shadow "Spice Boy" on the band's current tour. Each Spice Girl hosts a dancer made up to look like each member of the quintet. Like Brown, Gulzar even has a pierced tongue. The "London Sun" reports that Gulzar proposed to her in a Paris bar after reading her a love poem. An earlier story in the "London Daily Mirror" last weekend said the couple were openly intimate on a beach on the French Rivera.

8th May 1998

Luciano Pavarotti will be performing with the Spice Girls. The great tenor will join the fab five on June 9 in Modena, Italy, where he will sing with a number of performers, including Natalie Cole, at his annual fund-raiser for the aid agency War Child.

7th May 1998

Not surprisingly Victoria is planning a posh wedding - and she thinks geese wandering around the garden are the perfect touch. Victoria, as the first Spice Girl to become engaged, wants "all the fancy stuff, the things you see in films". And how did geese fit in? Well, the wedding co-ordinator designing the couples big day suggested geese and she liked the idea.

"I don't know, they just look good, don't they?" Says Victoria.

The couple became engaged in January but dont plan to marry until next year due to work commitments.

7th May 1998

Geri is to appear in the June issue of Penthouse. Ginger Spice posed naked years ago and now the photos have come back to bite her on the backside. The Penthouse spread includes a story which traces her career from her early days as a club dancer in Spain through jobs in what is kindly knows as "glamour modelling".

28th April 1998

The Spice Girls have recorded a song that the english soccer team will use at the World Soccer Championships in Paris, France. The Spice Girls said that they never even thought about not accepting the offer. Emma said that if they didn't agreed to sing the song her dad would have killed her. Victoria's groom to be, David Beckham also participated in the video, but it is said that he should stick to playing soccer!!

28th April 1998

The new Stop video was taped in a village that the girls fell in love with when they celebrated new year there. When they filmed the video Geri leased a castle in the village, where she played princess for a day.

27th April 1998

Spice Girls have been named as the UK's highest music earners for 1997 after achieving the biggest-selling British album of the decade.

Media Research Publishing's newly-issued Rock Accounts 1998 estimates the group generated £43m in the period to overtake veteran acts such as Elton John and The Rolling Stones and top the latest Fantasy Earnings League.


Estimates of earnings of UK artists for 1997
1 Spice Girls £43m
2 The Rolling Stones £31m
3 The Beatles/Paul McCartney £26m
4 Elton John £25m
5 Oasis £24m
6 Sting £23.5m
7 Queen £14m
8 David Bowie £13m
9 Pink Floyd £12.5m
10 The Prodigy £11m
Source: Rock Accounts 1998

Though virtually no financial figures have been revealed for the quintet, the survey's author, Cliff Dane, has based his estimates on earnings generated from worldwide album sales of around 22m units last year and an unprecedented range of product endorsement deals.

"They sold 18m copies of their Spice album and there aren't many old bands able to sell one or two million copies of their current albums," he says.

Among their many achievements has been the phenomenal sales of their debut album which, in another study in the 316-page book, tops a list of the best-selling British albums of the Nineties. On a worldwide basis it is placed joint fifth, selling 12m fewer copies than the chart-topping Bodyguard OST.

With the list typically dominated by older acts, including The Rolling Stones moving from joint fifth to second and previous surveys' leaders The Beatles/Paul McCartney dropping to three, Dane says it is very unusual for a new act to make such a big initial mark.

"Oasis and the Spice Girls have been the only major new successful international acts in the Nineties from the UK," he says.

"Obviously the major old bands have got a bit of an advantage with having catalogue."

That advantage is clearly illustrated by Pink Floyd and, more specifically, its former member Roger Waters who left the band in 1983 but figured in an estimated £12.5m earnings for the band last year and disclosed earnings of £4.1m of his own for the year to June 30, 1996. However, despite the veteran dominance, lower down there are a number of new arrivals to the list, including The Prodigy, 10th with an estimated £11m.

One place below them is Jamiroquai, whose big US breakthrough with Travelling Without Moving helped take estimated earnings for the year to £9m. Other newer acts appearing are Blur (£5.5m) and Radiohead with an estimated £5m.

Source: dotmusic.com

21st April 1998

New York Spice Girl fans were in tears over the weekend, because the girls one Madison Square Garden concert (to take place July 1) sold out in a possibly record 12 minutes -- all 13,000 seats. This left several ticketless kids broken-hearted. "I have a 10-year-old daughter who has the dolls and everything. She's crying," father Steve Denaro told the New York Post. Many fans reportedly fear they now have to deal with ticket scalpers, who'll be commanding up to $700 a seat for tickets that should go for $50.

18th April 1998

Chaperoned by Prince Charles, Prince Harry, 13, had the Spice Girls to tea on Thursday. The pop group dropped in by helicopter on Highgrove, Charles' country estate. Harry's brother, 15-year-old William, was unable to attend, since he was returning to boarding school for a new term.

17th April 1998

The Spice Girls have announced that they will be performing in New York's biggest concert venue this summer. On the second leg of their world tour the girls will play Madison Square Garden July 1, as part of a 40-city U.S. tour. The tour begins June 15 in Miami.

16th March 1998

Retailers are gearing up for the video release of Spiceworld The Movie, which will be accompanied by what is expected to be PolyGram Video's biggest-ever marketing campaign.

PolyGram is keeping the exact details of its marketing drive under wraps, but after the success of 1997's 750,000-selling Official Volume 1 and the current Live In Istanbul video, retailers are already readying themselves for the film's release - it will be available on both rental and sell-through - on May 25

6th March 1998

Today in Spin Magazine Madonna spoke out on behalf of the Spice Girls. She says she hates it when critics attack the Spices, because, "Hey, wait a minute, I was a Spice Girl once." Madonna also predicted that she will "never have mainstream acceptance, never," because she doesn't think her "sensibilities are palatable to the mainstream."

28th Feb 1998

The update we have all been waiting for. Who are the Spice Boys in the Spice Girls Lives?

20th Feb 1998

Spice Girls too hot for Indian temple (Reuters) - A reported proposal by the British pop group Spice Girls to perform in front of a 1,000-year-old Hindu temple known for its erotic sculptures has sparked outrage among Indian artists and conservationists.

Geeta Chandran, an exponent of classical Indian dance, said the show should be stopped because it would undermine the sanctity of the temple in the central Indian town of Khajuraho.

``Such performances would marginalize the delicate spiritual context in which these temples were constructed nearly 1,000 years ago,'' she said in a statement received by Reuters Thursday.

Chandran said the all-girl quintet, whose songs have topped pop charts in 31 countries, was expected to perform in October or November this year. Television and music companies said they were not aware of the proposed performance. But Indian newspapers carried front page stories on Chandran demanding a ban on the Spice Girls' show, with headlines screaming: ``Spicy touch too hot for artistes,'' ``Stop Spice Girls Chandela show'' and ``Save Khajuraho from Spice Girls.''

The temples, one of 16 World Heritage sites in India, were built in the 10th and 11th centuries by Chandela Dynasty kings in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Tourists from around the world flock to Khajuraho to view the erotic carvings, which Indian art experts say depict the art of love-making as described in the Kamasutra. ``The eroticism of Khajuraho is part of the larger Hindu view of cyclicality of life,'' Chandran said.

``By making those temples an erotic prop to their performance, the Spice Girls would be hurting the sentiments of centuries and centuries of sacred creativity in India.''

Officials of the Archeological Survey of India (ASI), whose permission is required to perform at the site, denied knowledge of the proposed concert. ``We have not received any request or intimation from either the Spice Girls or from any other agencies on their behalf to perform at Khajuraho,'' said R.C. Aggarwal, who is in charge of monuments at the ASI.

``Why should they be allowed to perform at Khajuraho? That would be an insult to the sanctity of a historical monument,'' said another ASI official, who asked not to be identified.

Joy Basu, a lawyer and conservationist, said the vibrations from such a concert could damage the delicate structure of the temple. ``It would generate thousands of watts of sound and ultra-violet lights which might harm the old monuments,'' Basusaid.

13th Feb 1998

Victoria is $7500 out of pocket for the engagement ring she bought for her fiance, footballer, David Beckman. She bought the $125000 diamond encrusted gold ring in Hollywood last month but forgot to declare it at customs.

11th Feb 1998

At the Brit Awards the girls did not do as well as last year. The only award they came away with was the "Special Award For Overseas Success". Another all girl band called the All Saints picked up best new single and best video, the categories the Spice Girls won last year.

More drama at the Brit Awards when Mel B gave British first lady, Cherie Blair, the cold shoulder. Mel did not have her glasses on and failed to recognise the Prime Ministers wife when she tried to introduce her children.

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