Welcome to Crossfire: The Home Of The Joe Perry Project. My name is Scott and I am a HUGE fan of the JPP and about a year ago I decided that since there were no Project sites out there, I should start one myself! Now, I have recieved very good feedback about starting this page and some JPP pages have even poped up around the web! Now, on this page you can find a History of the JPP, Lyrics to every JPP song, Loads of information about the JPP's 3 albums, chat with fellow JPP fans, Listion to JPP music, Find out what the members of the JPP are up to now, get links to other JPP sites, read an exclusive interview with former JPP member Cowboy Mach Bell and a lot more! Now, if you are experienceing any problems, have any comments, questions or concerns; please e-mail me @


"The Best Of The Joe Perry Project"

Click HERE to see the new section which has the COMPLETE details of this great new album!

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Click HERE to read the transcript I made of the Tuesday, September 21st radio show that featured both Charlie Farren and Cowboy Mach Bell of the JPP!

Joe Perry has recorded a song with Bob Marley! That's right, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have both recorded their parts of the song "Roots, Rock, Reggae." Now, Steven Tyler's vocals and Bob Marley's will combine as one!...Along with Mr. Perry's incredible guitar work! This song was released on the album "Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon" which was released on Tuesday, November 16th, 1999 on Universal/Island/Def Jam/Tuff Gong Records.

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CLICK HERE to read my complete exclusive interview with Cowboy Mach Bell!

Check out the great new web site for Cowboy Mach Bell's new band "Last Man Standing"

Click HERE to order and read ALL about Charlie Farren's new solo album "Deja Blue...The Color Of Love"!

Click HERE to see my NON-JPP project "The Great Aerosmith Cover-Up!" which details bands who have covered Aerosmith songs over the years.

"Great to see your web site"

  • Quote from Charlie Farren {vocalist for The Project from 1981-1982} from an e-mail message Charlie sent to me on Friday, January 16th, 1998.

    "I was totally psyched, rockin', and proud when I saw your great Crossfire site!"

  • Quote from Cowboy Mach Bell {vocalist for The Project from 1982-1984} from an e-mail message the cowboy sent to me on Saturday, April 17th, 1999.

    "Great sight...Brought back a lot of good memories!"

  • Quote from Joe Pet {Drummer for The Joe Perry Project from 1983-1984} from an e-mail message Joe sent to me on Thursday,April 22nd, 1999.

    That's right! A NEW Joe Perry Project album has been released! "The Best Of The Joe Perry Project" was released on Raven Records on Tuesday, September 14th, 1999!!! It includes 20 tracks...including a rare b-side! Scroll up this page to get the link for the new page I made providing the complete details and to order this great album NOW! Also, read my complete interview with former JPP member Cowboy Mach Bell! Charlie Farren's first solo album was released on June 20th! Check out his web site for complete details . . . Also...if you are looking for the first two JPP albums for a very cheap price...go to the discography section and to the appointed album page to purchase these great albums through this site and which are now joined together!

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