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Jen's movie reviews

Here's what I think about the movies currently in theatres (or they might not still be in theatres but that's where I saw 'em).

If you want movies on video and DVD you want Jen's Reviews of Stuff on Video and DVD. But check here first. If one of the movies on this page is on video and DVD e-mail me or sign my guestbook.

Folks have asked me about my rating system. Here's an explanation of how my ratings are totally not arbitrary. Yeah, that's it.


* No movie sucks so bad it doesn't get at least one star.

** It didn't suck. I sort of liked it.

*** Good. Really Good. I don't feel the need to see it again or it has a couple serious flaws.

**** Excellent. It misses having five stars because: a) it has one serious flaw or b) I can't find any flaws but for some reason it's not good enough to own.

***** Excellent plus. I enjoyed this movie thoroughly and it will join my movie collection when it comes out on DVD.


Kill Bill: Volume 1 This is the goriest movie ever. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes bizarre gory flicks (so in other words: everyone).*****

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King This movie is pretty darn good. Lots of action and effects and all that. Warning to anyone who hasn't seen the first two: these flicks DO NOT stand on their own. They are one honking nine-hour movie split in three. ****

Mona Lisa Smile This movie made me laugh and appealed to my feminist nature. I enjoyed it thoroughly. WARNING: Not for boys! ***

Peter Pan Okay we all enjoy a good Peter Pan flick now and again. As my brother would say "It was no Fox's Peter Pan and a Pirates." Anyone remember that show? Anyway this flick was good, but it wasn't all fire original. **

Runaway Jury This was a good flick. 12 angry men meets oh-I-don't-know any Gene Hackman movie (except superman). John Cusack is still a dork. ***

School of Rock This movie is quite amusing. I want to teach like Jack Black instead of following ultra-boring ministry expectations.***

Timeline Made me want to watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (so I did). I heard that in the book the girls kick ass but they don't kick ass in the movie. Now I'm going to read the book (someday). Anyway this is one of them low-brow sci-fi action flicks. **

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