SPUtNiK the Dog

Goddess of Jen's House


    We found Sputnik at a pound about seven years ago. No one quite knows what kind of dog she is.  Best guess: a cairn terrier cross something-or-other.  She looks like Toto only with a bigger head and a curly tail.

    Sputnik knows she's the boss of the house. She keeps the peace in the yard by barking and squealing at every cat or squirrel that enters her territory.  She takes Mom for a walk twice a day.

    Sputnik is afraid of shiny floors but she's brave enough to risk slipping and sliding if pizza crust is involved. 

    Two years ago Sputnik had a brush with death. She got sick and wouldn't eat.  She went to Guelph Animal Hospital where she stayed over Xmas and got treatment, including a blood transfusion. The doctors said she only had a 50-50 chance but she pulled through.

Despite her brush with death and her advanced age (something like 77 in dog years) Sputnik is as healthy and happy as a puppy.

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