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When 12 year old Merna waved goodbye to her mother as she left for school she had no idea it would be the last time they saw each other. On the way to schooll, little 12 year old merna was kidnapped by bounty hunters who work for the prostitution crime gangs of Angeles, Philippines. When Merna didnt arrive home from school her mother and the local towns people knew what had happened. In the last few months several children had already went missing. Mernas mother was warned not to go to Angeles searching for her daughter, but she went anyway. She then made the mistaske of going to the Angeles police, who are on the payroll of the prostitution gangs. They turned her over to the gangs who tortured and killed her. Her dead body was then dumped in the main strteet of her province as a warning to others. Little 12 year old Merna was locked in a room no bigger then your toilet. Here she was chained to a wall and feed only a bowl of rice a day. She was watched over by armed security gaurds who carried batons , electric prods and shotguns. Atack gaurd dogs were also used. Sghe was kept in a biulding on Fields Ave , Angeles were little 12 year old Merna was forced to service up to 20 customers a day. If she didnt meet her quota she was bashed and opften tortured with electric shock. Merna was eventually rescued by the Angeles Child Rescue Organization. A group of concerned citizens of Angeles , Philippines who are fighting to have the prostitution death camps closed. Saddly they are fighting a losing battle. Ther are now more than 150,000 woen and children working as prositutes against their will in these death camps. The prostitution death camps are mostly owned by Australians and Americans. There operations include, prostitution, paedophillia, snuff movies, extortyion, kidnapp, gun running, contract killings, drugs and a range of other criminal activities. It is estimated the gangs rake in as much as $100 million a week from thier illegal activities. In the last twenty years it is estimated by Human Rights workers that more then 300,000 women and chiolden have died in these prostitution death camps. The bodies of these dead women and children are dumped in the fields. An area now known as the "Killing Fields of Angeles, Philippines". Often families will go there in search of their dead children, only to be turned away by the corrupt military who are on the payroll of the gangs. Also the philippines government sees the gngs as a good source of revenue. The Philippines government considers the paedopphile tourist dollar more important then the lives of woen and children in Angeles. The gangs of Angeles pay off corrupt, police, military, barangy, city hall officials, government officials, Dept of tourism officials, immigration staff and anyone else that is necessary to keep their operations going. In return the government provides the gangs with support. Special tourist buses ferryy paedophilles direct from Manila airport to Angeles. Not one person has ever been convicted from the gangs of criminal activity. At election time the gangs pay back the favour by intimidating the poor local Filipno people, telling and threatening them to vote for polititions who support the gangs. Angeles Child Rescue organization is trying to bring world attention to what is happening in the Philippines in the hope that it may force the government to close down these prostition death camps. You may contact the Director of the Organization at

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