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The big news here today is that I have a brand new addition to Raven's Fire Studios, so go check out "Elements"
Celtic Art- This page containes a step by step procedure showing the createion of an actual celtic design for the purpouses of teaching you how to do one on your own (Ive gotten a responce and it realy works) Last Modified Dec, 2000
Email- Over the years I have received some very interesting, odd, unusual, funny, entertaining, and all other kinds of emails that were sent to me and everyone else on someone's list. I didn't want to delete them, so I put them here Last modified March, 2001
Random Day- A holiday to celebrate the fact that we like to celebrate and the fact that people will take any excuse to do so. So when is Random Day? well, thats where it gets tricky.....  Last modified October 17, 2001
The 3 Little Pigs- Well, this is a much more modern Version of the three little pigs story, it has a few more plot twists and, well, read it and see.  Last modified Dec, 2000
The Gingerbread Man- Yes, in the spirit of the three little pigs story comes my new, modern version of the gingerbread man. warning, this is not for the wee ones  Last modified Sept 16, 2001
Quotes- I have seen many quotes from famous people that touch me, or just the sound of them appeals to me, in any case, Ive been aquiring a collection of them, here are some of the quotes Ive collected.  Last modified Dec, 2000
Magic- Did you know that there are over a hundred ways to spell the word Magic that can all be pronounced that way? (ok some of them are a strech, but you get the Idea)  Last modified Dec, 2000
My Pictures- Almost every homepage in existence has pictures of the person's family, I alwasy said I would never do that, then I had kids, so I put up this page, Its got recent pics and the most recent portraits take. Last modified March, 2001
Tima- This is a tribute page to our cat Tima who, after a life of 18 years, died in early 2000   Last modified Feb. 2000
My Goofball Pages- Ok, anyone who knows me knows that deep down inside I am a real goofball, these few pages just prove it   Last modified Feb, 2001
Other Webpages- well, I guess youve explored my site as much as you want to, and now you want to surf on outa here, here are some places you can go, they are sites that I have visited and liked   Last modified Jan, 2001
Raven's Fire Studios- Come on in, put your feet up, and take a look at the Artwork, Yes, now for the first time Ever, you can view my artwork online, If you like it, there is info on how you can buy prints, everything in Raven's Fire Studios is Original Copyrighted work, all done by me. This just in, brand new addition to RFS, "Elements" has just been added Last modified February 4th, 2002
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