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critiques on navigation; interactive narrative
1st Response
This project, "the city has my heart" was creative, fascinating, and interestingly done! I felt it worked for me because when I first went to the site, I was a little confused (by means that it was not necessarily confusion but rather that I was intrigued) by the numbers but as soon as I clicked the first link, I knew it was all about numbers, phone numbers (all ten numbers) that is. The interaction was almost like an internet blurb along with a phone number but also could have been solely a phone number that described or identified a person (that this person met). I felt it succeeded because it was interesting, first off, but also because it presented the idea of identity through numbers (even uci students and all students with "id numbers") and the experiences that could be experienced with either utilizing that specific number that attaches itself to an identity. The people being presented in these blurbs were little introductions that held back some information due to a characteristic that might have defined that person or simply because it was just like meeting someone at a bookstore, coffee shop, or anywhere. There always is some unknown or mysterious element that creates an introduction and the means to further explore that individual. It was an interactive narrative with navigation but with a completely different angle than a specific storyboard.
2nd Response
This particular site was more in-depth and at the same time more involved with characterization as well as narrative. At times, I was a bit confused but at the same time, I was a little bored with it. Maybe it is because I have a bit of a short-term attention span (haha) but I agree to disagree that it is solely myself as a problem. It fit the mold of a narrative that interacts with characters and presents some kind of drama along with the technical skills that can be displayed via the story. I did feel, it succeeded with some of its colorful or effects, such as the ending of Sam or the beating heart (so it seems it was) with puslating colors and visuals.
3rd Response
Just like the previous site, this one was similar but instead of focusing in on the characters, it focused on the the concept of living. "Immortal Beloved" is the title of this piece and stands to challenge the notion of love and the permanence of such that notion. It gives you options at the end of a part of the narrative and with that choice comes another choice. He always gave the option of "giving up" and by choosing this option, the consequence was to end the narrative and know that this choice will always be a part of you and live on as a memory. It was a definite closure to the piece without actual closure for the participant (of the piece). This was structured like some of the games online, with options of navigating through it in this fashion: "Move closer," "Go to the Dinning Room," "Go to the Bedroom," and "Give Up". I felt it also succeeded with the content (which kept it interesting) and the navigation also had a lot of freedom--it presented a sort of reality through virtual reality.

This is an intitial proposal for Project 2. Although I'm undecided on the concept, composition, design, and interface (lol), I was thinking somewhere along the lines of Response 1. I would like my interface to be just as exciting, entertaining as--for example, a game but also contain conceptual qualities I feel is necessary for me to represent and present within this project. A possibility for an interactive narrative would be to create an atmosphere that I believe is realistic but simultaneously fantastic--fiction. I was thinking I would either try to do something as if it were a book/magazine (something tangible) or maybe something that asked a lot of questions about oneself. I have not yet fully developed my ideas but am looking forward to feedback.

#4 (response to reading)
Personally, my art has created reactions and responses from my audience because of the content. Each individual is different and the artist cannot tailor what the response will be because of individuality. Many artists have made attempts to provoke a reaction by engaging the spectator to involve himself in the work through interactive interfaces or through some tangible means.

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