Previously, on Survivor: The Baikal tribe remains divided as Olkhon’s spirit hands them their first immunity. Rather than vote off a troublemaker, the tribe opted to oust the weak link – Tonnya – and thus make themselves a supposedly stronger tribe. Tonight, the third person will be sent packing. 14 are left, who will be voted off tonight?
I vote for Bobo. Never initiates a conversation, never revealing any dynamic qualities... I can't trust him, nor rely on him. I wish him luck in everything else.
In a vote of 3-1-1-1, Bambi, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Bambi was on vacation and did not submit final words.

The hosts were irritated that there was many novotes and lack of final words, but they assure the viewing audience that the voting/final wording gets better beginning episode 5. :)

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Cipher thinks about the fate of the tribal council and the possible winner of the game.

I have spoken to a few of my fellow tribemembers and understand their motives for voting out Bart. I realize, now, that I may have changed the course of fate yet didn't, and dreadfully hope that my climatic decision will not come back to haunt me. I see Bryan and Maria having good chances at victory. Certain other members, like Bart and Bobo, really have close to no chance…

Bobo was asked who was going to win the game.

Me, cuz i am the best. bart, annoying little runt

Bart talks about his strategy.

My strategy right now is to keep myself in the game. My original strategy was to make an alliance, sadly that backfired on me. So yes my strategy has changed. Right now I am just trying to win over individuals, and then hopefully, if I'm here down the road I'll try to make an alliance.

Bart and Maria talk about TC and the replacement the producers were frantically trying to fly in (which ended up being Carl).

Bart (9:44:58 AM): hey
Maria (9:45:21 AM): Hey Bart
Bart (9:45:33 AM): Wow, I heard it was a intense TC
Maria (9:45:53 AM): Just a bit
Bart (9:46:23 AM): im a little curious on how there were 8 votes though
Maria (9:46:43 AM): There weren't there were 6
Bart (9:47:01 AM): for the journals it said it was 4 tonnya 3 bart and 1 bambi
Bart (9:47:05 AM): thats 8
Maria (9:47:54 AM): I meant 7
Maria (9:48:16 AM): 4 tonnya and 2 bart 1 bambi
Bart (9:48:20 AM): oh
Maria (9:48:43 AM): I'm pretty sure because with Rach there can only be 7
Maria (9:48:49 AM): without
Bart (9:49:06 AM): from what ive heard u me and cipher voted for tonnya
Bart (9:49:11 AM): who was the fourth?
Maria (9:49:20 AM): Tonnya
Bart (9:49:30 AM): oh really, did she not vote?
Maria (9:49:47 AM): Automatic vote for against herself for not showing
Maria (9:49:55 AM): Same with bambi
Bart (9:49:57 AM): oh
Bart (9:50:00 AM): i knew about bambi
Bart (9:50:08 AM): okay, well i know who voted for me then
Maria (9:50:51 AM): I did alot of taking in your behalf
Bart (9:51:10 AM): Thank you SO much
Bart (9:51:20 AM): I don't have enough words to thank you
Maria (9:51:43 AM): I don't want thanks I just didn't think you should go
Bart (9:52:37 AM): I'm going next though probably
Bart (9:52:54 AM): or maybe not
Maria (9:53:00 AM): We should haven't have gone to TC to begin with. We lost IC 7-6
Bart (9:53:07 AM): i know
Bart (9:53:09 AM): grrrrrr
Bart (9:53:18 AM): well I know that u me cipher and bryan sent in pictures
Bart (9:53:50 AM): and bambi couldnt cuz she was away
Maria (9:54:06 AM): I thought it was an automatic 6 points but they had to like the pic to score 2
Bart (9:54:23 AM): yeah
Bart (9:54:40 AM): i dont know, that was so close that it makes you wonder      
Bart (10:03:55 AM): sure, sounds good
Bart (10:04:07 AM): I hope we kick some butt
Bart (10:04:18 AM): I don't want to fall behind Olkhon
Maria (10:04:24 AM): Me too I hate to lose
Bart (10:06:24 AM): if bobo had just sent one in we would have tied
Bart (10:06:41 AM): or beaten them
Bart (10:07:03 AM): oh well, that was the past, lets just not lose again
Maria (10:07:16 AM): Maybe he did but if the hosts didn't like our pics we would have only gotten one point apiece
Bart (10:07:22 AM): perhaps
Maria (10:07:46 AM): Your right lets forget the past and start fresh
Maria (10:08:07 AM): We have 5 players who participate so we can take them
Bart (10:08:18 AM): im wondering when we are going to get the replacement
Bart (10:08:30 AM): they were desperatly looking for them last night
Maria (10:08:51 AM): Cipher knows someone who he thinks will be interested
Maria (10:08:59 AM): He was going to talk to pep about her
Bart (10:09:05 AM): oh
Bart (10:09:54 AM): I thought Bambi was suppose to be home by now
Maria (10:10:29 AM): Don't know when she's coming back
Bart (10:10:46 AM): if she's not back soon, i hate to do it but i might have to vote for her
Maria (10:11:20 AM): Let's wait and see first she may show soon
Bart (10:11:31 AM): yea, im not making any decisions yet
Bart (10:12:05 AM): I am really surprised Bryan voted for me last TC
Bart (10:12:24 AM): although he was pretty close to Tonnya
Maria (10:12:44 AM): I think that was his reason because he really was torn about who to vote for
Bart (10:13:02 AM): I knew Bobo was voting for me
Bart (10:14:20 AM): i knew i was getting votes, how many i didnt know
Maria (10:14:36 AM): We are safe for now but we need to win those challenges because I don't want to have to vote anymore at least not yet
Bart (10:14:49 AM): i know, I DONT want to lose to Olkhon
Bart (10:15:02 AM): we need to pull another victory like we did on the first challenge
Maria (10:15:23 AM): Right
Bart (10:25:04 AM): This has got to be the best game I've ever been in for Online Survivor
Maria (10:25:45 AM): This is my first so I will judge any other games by this one.
Maria (10:25:58 AM): My other tribe isn't as much fun as this one
Bart (10:26:03 AM): oh
Maria (10:26:18 AM): I had already started this one when I began the other. I definately like this game more
Bart (10:26:35 AM): this one is well organized, and there is a good crew of players
Bart (10:26:44 AM): and good hosts
Maria (10:26:55 AM): I agree
Chip52187 (10:27:11 AM): I hope I can atleast make it to the merge
Maria (10:27:35 AM): I hope they don't pull a switch
Bart (10:27:49 AM): i really dont think they will
Bart (10:27:58 AM): because if u think about it, it would be hard to organzie
Bart (10:28:08 AM): and people would talk to their former members who are the other tribe
Maria (10:28:35 AM): It sure would make things hard. But they ask the question about a switch in our journals
Bart (10:28:55 AM): i think they are trying to worry us
Maria (10:30:02 AM): I hope you're right
Bart (10:30:21 AM): if they do, it could be really bad for me
Bart (10:30:39 AM): because I don't trust certain people on our tribe to not tell the other members anything
Maria (10:31:25 AM): Hopefully any new people will judge for themselves
Bart (10:31:58 AM): im kinda worried about getting the replacement for our tribe
Maria (10:33:58 AM): Just make sure you start off on the right foot with who we get
Bart (10:34:03 AM): i know
Baert (10:34:14 AM): but if its someone that someone on our tribe already knows
Bart (10:34:24 AM): that could be a problem
Maria (10:34:38 AM): yea but it's cipher and he didn't vote for you. Sounds like he is giving you another chance
Bart (10:34:59 AM): im not saying cipher in particular
Bart (10:35:09 AM): anyone could be trying to get a friend to be a replacement
Bart (10:35:57 AM): I would like it to be a friend of Cipher's
Bart (10:36:06 AM): because I actually think I may be on the right track with him now
Maria (10:36:16 AM): Cipher is the one who is recommending this girl. Doesn't sound like anyone else has suggested anyone
Maria (10:40:00 AM): well i g2g
Maria (10:40:06 AM): ill ttyl


Eric talks about his strategy.

My game strategy is the same......stick with a key original alliance and take it to the end game. Of course, with a switch pending, my strategy will tweak slightly, but I think the same strategy with Me/Mike/Kim will stay rather concrete. It has not changed.....original alliances usually work best for me.....I don't want to screw anything up by switching allegiances, though.

Kim hopes for an outcome that will benefit her.

I just hope that we don't lose the next IC, because I will be gone, and I don't want everyone to be mad at me for being gone. But if we do lose, I'm positive that Eric will be voted off, which is for the best.

Excerpt from the journal of Mike…

Light filters through the sky early in the morning over at Olkhon camp. With a good nights rest, not having to make the trip to tribal council the night before, I get up early to check on the fire. I add a couple logs to the dwindling coals, and start to prepare a dish for breakfast. Three more days in Siberia, alright. But I thought to myself, they won't be easy. Our next tribal council may be a little awkward. Summer obviously isn't doing her share in this tribe. She's always around, but never helping us collect wood or prepare meals. On the other hand, Eric is very homesick and doesn't know how much longer he wants to stay in this cold land. He's practically begging for us to send him packing. And then of course, James, who is an odd fellow. He's always asleep, even when we take the hike to take a challenge, he's left behind sleeping. But he's up all night, and in the morning, we can tell that he's made his mark and he is indeed still in the tribe. But the question is, which one of these three people do we need the most? The least? Who will help me? Help the tribe? Possibly help the other tribe? All these questions come into play as the other contestants start to awake from their slumber.

Mike talks about his allegiances.

My true alliance is with Kim, and I am starting a very good friendship with Robert, so hopefully he will make a good ally. Blair will help us along the way, but he's not part of the alliance's core. James, Eric, and Summer are all on the outskirts of the alliance for various reasons. Eric, because he doesn't want to play the game, Summer, because she isn't involved when we're all online (for the most part), and James, because he lives in Australia and never gets on when we do. However, because of James' personality, he shouldn't be in too much danger from us yet.

Mark posted the 7 commandments, er…snowmail.

Thou shalt use thee eyes
Thou shalt use thee wit to rise
Thou shalt not back down in fear
Thou shalt not freeze like a deer
Thou shalt use thee speed
Thou shalt discover knowledge is the key
Thou shalt discover winning is a must
For if thou loses, tribal council is a fuss


First order of business…Mike, hand me that immunity idol. Thank you. Anyway, welcome Survivors. Today, you will go through a huge obstacle course testing your wits and your stamina. The first tribe to complete all the tasks in the obstacle course is handed immunity. Survivors ready? Go!
Baikal and Olkhon both struggled on the first obstacle. They had to unscramble the word ‘maroon’. Mike of Olkhon unscrambled it, and got to the next obstacle, which was a hazed picture of a Survivor. He recognized it as Carl. Meanwhile, Baikal was still stuck on ‘marooned’. As Mike progressed through riddles and puzzles, he eventually lead his team to victory single-handedly within a couple minutes.
“You can have this back, Mike.”
Baikal slowly trudged back to camp.


Mike informs Noelle that…Olkhon won again.

Mike (9:09:14 PM): Guess what?
Noelle (9:09:18 PM): what? we won
Mike (9:09:21 PM): Yea
Mike (9:09:22 PM): We did
Mike8 (9:09:24 PM): ;-)
Noelle (9:09:39 PM): good
Noelle (9:10:24 PM): thank god
Noelle (9:10:35 PM): I wasnt here im so sorry i was begging my mom to leave
Mike (9:10:44 PM): Hehe, np
Mike (9:10:50 PM): We had it under control, Eric and I
Mike (9:10:54 PM): lol, no one else showed but us
Noelle (9:11:08 PM): aww
Mike (9:11:21 PM): S'alright tho, we did fine
Mike (9:11:28 PM): And BEAT then damn Baikals lol
Noelle (9:11:29 PM): good

Mike has a lot to say.


Hmm ... Not much "character development" if you will. This kid is still very Blair to me. lol, as Eric said, I created a new adjective. Actually, didn't talk to him much this episode. Hmm, did I talk to him at all? Weird ... Oh well.


First he wants in, then he wants out, and now he wants in again. Will you make up your friggin' mind here? Okay, okay, I think I'll give him a chance. He seems to know how to play the game when he's actually into it, so he could possibly help me somehow after all. Hopefully everyone will understand when I tell them not to vote for Eric at our next tribal council. Jeesh.


Who? Oh yea, that kid. Riiight. Well, he does talk the most on the forums, but as of yet has done DIDDILY to help us in the game. Well, maybe he sent in a picture during the second immunity challenge, but still, he's NEVER online and I hardly know the guy, even though he makes me laugh on the boards. My "Get Out of Being Voted Out Free" cards are running slim, so you better watch yourself James. Get online and talk! Who cares if its in the middle of the night for you! (lol).


Well, not much to say about Kim, but that's a good thing in this case because she's still lovable Kim. Very glad she's on the tribe. Hope she's having fun at Magic Mountain!!

Michael - I'm gonna add this kid to the list, since he is in the tribe, lol.

Michael is GREAT. He is probably the smartest, kindest, coolest kid in our tribe and I'm glad to be working with him. If it weren't for him, this tribe would be falling apart. He single handedly whizzed through that challenge like a ravaged beast, out hunting his immunity idol. He is truly great. I hope he wins this game. He definitely deserves it.


"Let's see. How can I be of help to my tribe? Oh, I know! I will stay online all day, but then right before the challenge starts, get offline, and right when it ends, I'll get back on! Oh, I'm sure to make SO many friends, I can't wait to win this game! Hehe"

Summer, as I said before, does not pull her weight. She needs to watch out, because this girl is in danger.


Very annoying, talks too much about nothing, but for the most part, can be trusted (I think). He's a great person who could be used as an extra vote, possibly a strong alliance member until it gets down to a few people left in the game. Let's see how he plays the game from here on out.


lol, I felt I needed to end that segment, as in my previous posts I just keep on talking and I get confused and think I was talking about Robert still.

ANYWAYS ... (lol)

It felt great winning the challenge, and at the same time, doing it all by myself. Eric was there, and I am sorry that I didn't include him in it (he was annoyed by it, I could tell), but if I had to take the time to type out the answer to each question PLUS answer all of his questions about "I don't understand" or whatever, I may not have finished as fast as I did. If anything, I just displayed to Eric the threat that I am after the merge in the individual challenges, but hopefully he doesn't pick up on that and will still ally with me.

Also, about the challenge, I was very dissappointed with its outcome, again. Robert and Kim had excuses (Thunderstorms near Robert's house, and Kim being at Magic Mountain). Summer, James and Blair were no shows, and there were no posts on the board saying they wouldn't be able to make it. Actually, Blair may have said something to me about it, but I don't recall exactly. Either way, I still think he should have announced it to the tribe on the boards. That's practically what they are for lol. Anyways, This pisses me off because we're supposed to be working together here, and we obviously are not at all. The last challenge with only Eric and I present is a prime example.

Well, I'm glad that we did win immunity, as now Eric has a chance to rejoin the bunch. Hopefully he will redeem himself to everyone else (with a little help from me, of course), and we will be back on track in our itinery of survival with voting out Summer of course.

For now, I'm off to go hunting. I keep seeing some Arctic Fox tracks around the outskirts of camp, I wonder if I'll be fast enough to catch one. So, I bid thee farewell, dear Cameraman!

Robert is confident.

We finally have the momentium now.If we can keep this up we will definatly win to.Eric and James ahve came around and now we all are working togeather.Nothing will stop us for sure.


Bart fears that the end is near.

We got a replacement today named Carl. Haven't talked to him yet, and I don't know if I will be able to as I fear tomorrow may be my last day. I'm trying to get Maria to help me out on who I should vote, but I don't think this is going to work. So once again I have gone into my depressed mode. I really don't want to be eliminated. I love this game, and its been a blast. I'm going to try my hardest to stay in the game, but it may not be enough.

Maria talks about her alliances.

I think I have some unspoken alliances with two maybe three other members. But nothing has ever been said outright. My plan if you can call it a plan is to just be the mediator for now and keep the peace. I want to stay on everyones good side. I think that might help me get further. If we merge I would like it to be with my tribe as the majority of course. It's a lot of work building a rapport with new people.


Blair likes to win.

Since i've been away i have been very impressed with the tribe winning challenge #3 and it looks promising going into a possible switch then merging of tribes.


Baikal slowly filed into tribal council. Mark explained a special rule for this TC.
“Since Carl is new to the game, he will be immune and he will not vote. With that said, it is time to vote. Cipher, you’re up.”

Hosts' Note: There were no no-votes at the merge. The castaways were forgetful premerge, though, as you can see.
Did not vote - vacation until merge.
Did not vote - on vacation.
Did not vote - newbie.
Bambi, I am so sorry to do this to her, but she is suppose to be home by now and I haven't heard a word from her.