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PTO Mission Statement

Through fundraising, the PTO strives to enhance the educational experience for the children of St. Clement's School.   

~Have a fun and safe summer. See you in September!

  St. Clement's School has numerous service and fund-raising activities each year. These activities give families the opportunity to participate in their children's education and to contribute to the well being of the school. They also have an  even greater importance as  they provide the chance to meet other families and have fun while setting a living example for our children of the value of community and contribution.

Fund-raising activities are used to help defray the cost of running the school, and to provide extras, such as the playground, which are above and beyond the normal budget. Without these activities, tuition would be considerably higher. In an average year fundraising actives contribute well over $100,000.00 to the school budget. Some of the fundraisers are coordinated by the School board and administration; the rest are organized by us, the PTO.

In addition to fund raising activities, there are also a number of services that are provided and staffed by volunteers. These are intangibles for which no dollar value can be assessed but which greatly add to the experience of attained this school, and to the sense of community for which St Clements is known. Service and Fund- raising activities are listed below. The PTO is responsible for coordinating and documenting a number of fund-raising and service activities, and is responsible for raising and contributing $20,000.00 of operating capital each year.

Each family has a responsibility to plan, work and support both. If you are interested in serving as an officer or an co-chair an events please send one of the PTO board members an email.



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