Konnichiwa, MINNA!!! Welcome to my page dedicated to Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. The english name, or the one you see all the time on Cartoon Network is called Ronin Warriors. I totally love this show, unfortunatly I've only seen the english version. If anyone knows where I can see the japanese subtitled PLEASE tell me; I'm sure it's 10x better. But other than that, it's a cool show. My favorite character is Sanada Ryo and Shuten Douji(aka Anumbis). Hope you like my page. I forgot where I got my background picture, so I can't give credit. So if it's yours, please tell me. As you've noticed....if you've seen all my other pages, they all have the same layout, well almost. The only one that's really different is my Inu-Yasha page. Well...gotta go....enjoy.

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