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  Hello, My name is Dan Jackson and I am an active researcher for the SkunkApe. I experienced my own sighting of this creature in November of 1983 in Collier County, Florida.
   This site is dedicated to the ongoing investigation in the search for the creature known as Bigfoot.  In the State of Florida, we call him The SkunkApe.  In addition, we provide information and education for people to enlighten them on the subject of Cryptozoology in general.
   The first recorded sighting of the SkunkApe appeared in 1947 in South Florida. However, the creature is known as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Yowie, Yeren, Almas, Oh-Ma - and many other names across the U.S., Asia, Australia and South America. They have been sighted and reported about since the early 1800's.  The famous Viking, Lief Erikson, wrote about such a creature in 984 A.D. Perhaps the most famous sighting would be the 1967 film taken in Bluff Creek, Calif. by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin.
  Today, Cryptozoologists are searching the Pacific Northwest, Texas, Okla., Ohio, Tenn., and other states with technology that didn't exist back in the 50's and 60's - night vision goggles and glasses, infa-red detection devices, parabolic listening dishes, motion detectors, sound sensitive recorders, motion sensitive cameras with detectors of light beam trip devices.  Today, we have labs and universities using the science of DNA, scat and hair analysis to help in the search
  There are, of course, many skeptics who do not believe that any such creature could possibly exist.  While I do respect other people's opinions, I draw the line at outright ignorance.  There are new species being discovered at a rapid rate.  I am talking about new types of insects, reptiles, birds and mammals.  The Coelacanth, was supposed to be extinct over 60 million years ago, but we now know that is not true. 
After twenty years of hunting this creature I have retired from active field research. I had a violent encounter with one of the creatures in Dec. of 2002. It changed the way that I think of this creature and changed me forever.I still keep up with what is going on in the world of Bigfoot research, and I try to maintain my contacts. I enjoy giving presentations on the subject to schools, and clubs in my community.I still have my venomous lic. and catch snakes for the local police and Sheriffs dept.
He may look like he is smiling, but he is really saying stay away. A gators roar at night is something to hear.
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This is my favorite spot that I call "a light in the forest".
My December 2002 creature encounter.  Drawing courtesy of Bill Asmussen
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