Suvendu Kumar Dash

17525 NE 40th St Apt # C-313
Redmond, WA, 98052
Ph: 425-869-0993 (H)
      952-484-7196 (Cell)

Standard bio stuff:
Suvendu is currently working at Expedia Inc in the Stores/Packages Team. Suvendu has done his Undergraduate from University College of Engineering, Burla in Electrical Engineering. He then joined one of the leading software firms in India, Tata Consultancy Services and was working in the Tata Research Design and Development Centre for two years in the Process Optimization group. Then he worked as a consultant in General Motors Corporation, Detroit and with American Express Financial Advisors, Minneapolis before coming back to school to do his Masters. Suvendu was pursuing his Master's at the Texas A&M University. He was working in the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries  in the Walden's Paths Project. He was doing research on context-based metrics for evaluating changes to web pages.  These metrics were used in maintaining paths as the pages of the paths change.

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2. P. Dave, U. Karadkar, R. Furuta, L. Fracisco-Revilla, F. Shipman, Suvendu Dash, and Z. Dalal, "Browsing Intricately Interconnected Paths", in the Proceedings of ACM Hypertext 2003.

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