Welcome to my Sailor Uranus and Neptune Shrine!

This is a brand new section of my site, that I decided to make after seeing the first few episodes of Season S. I completely fell for these two characters and wanted to make a shrine in honor of them. I've used up close to 10 MB to create one of the largest picture galleries devoted to Neptune and Uranus. I realize that many people are offended by the relationship of these two characters, but I whole-heartedly admire and respect them. I find their relationship romantic and beautiful. The characters are discreet and so cute!

As always, most of these pictures were taken from other sites, I have no idea where I got most of them, if you see one that is yours, let me know, I'll be happy to make you a link. (or even *sniff* remove it) I personally, never mind if people take pictures off my site. Use them! Make new sites! Better ones! I'm as much a fan of other's sites as my own!

And now, to the pictures! These are divided into three categories to try and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Yes....there are probably more Haruka pictures than Michiru, but hey, Haru-chan's my fav! The Uranus and Neptune Gallery has been finished!!!! Check it out!! (others are still under construction)

Pictures of Uranus and Neptune Together

Pictures of Sailor Uranus/Haruka

Pictures of Sailor Neptune/Michiru

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This page will be the new location of my Haruka and Michiru Gallery

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