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Hey everyone! My name is Susan Bobbitt and this is my website. I'm 19 years old, and am from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada. I was looking for softball websites the other day and there weren't too many out there. I found a really great one made by a girl a few years older than me, but that's about all! So look around and I hope you find my page informative and of course, fun! Make sure to sign my guestbook, I'd love to know who's been here! Thanks!


Regina Gold at a tourney in Kansas City, Missouri.

I am in my sophomore year at Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee. Our team finished the last season with a record of 24-24. We have 2 amazing coaches, and the girls are incredibly talented, and of course, fun! TCOB!

I love playing softball and have been playing since I was 5 years old. I started pitching when I was 8, and have been playing competitive ball for 6 years now. I started off with the Weyburn Jets, moved on to the Weyburn Cutters, and spent the last 2 summers playing on 2 teams. I've had a really successful ball career so far. My summer team has won the gold medal in provincials 3 times and silver twice! But winning isn't everything, and I've learned so much, just by being an athlete!

Summer 2002 I played full-time time with the Regina Gold. We did great, and had so much fun. We ended up placing 2nd in Provincials and 11th in Nationals! The coaching staff was amazing and the girls were incredible! Click here to see a picture of last year's team at our favorite restaurant. Also, we have the CUTEST bat boy in the world. His name is Aidan! Isn't he adorable?

Meet my summer team for the 2001 season!

See our 2001 summer season summed up in pictures!

Summer 2001 I attended the Midget Canadian Nationals, in Lashburn, Saskatchewan. I was picked up by the Lashburn Bluebirds, the host team. We ended up tied for 9th, which I am very proud of. Putting on the Bluebird uniform taught me the meaning of the word "PRIDE". Even though I was only there for a short time, I am proud to say I am a Bluebird. Thank you to the coaches, the team, and the people of Lashburn and area for making it such a great week!

Our summer team captain, Lorinda Moroschan, wrote the most amazing piece in preparation for Provincials. It's called The Choice, and she first read it to us before an important tournament. Being the girls we are, there were some tears! Thanks so much Lori! You are an amazing captain, and we want you to know it!

The Weyburn Blizzards was one of teams I played on the summer of 2000. We had a good season. We won the silver medal in provincials and the silver medal in the Summer Games. We also had a lot of fun and the girls were really great to play with! I have a lot of happy memories from the past summer!

I was looking for things to put on my website and I found this. I think it describes softball players perfectly! I keep a copy of it hanging on the wall over my bed. What do you think?

Do you believe in softball? I definitely do! Make sure to read this! It's AMAZING!

Here is another poem describing us softball players. This one is called The Typical Girls Softball Player. It is my absolute favorite!

I love poetry and I found a few poems while I was looking around the other day. One is about the people who make our games possible, Umps. Umps never get enough credit, and take a lot more then they probably should. For all you Umps out there, thank you so much for making it possible for us to play the game we all love. It's because of you that we can play.

Here's a poem for the parents called Summing Up Softball. Without you guys, it would be practically impossible to achieve anything. We love you!

Wanna have some laughs? Come read our Top Ten lists!

Here's another poem called My Position In Softball. Can you guess what position the poet is describing?

I also found this... How many people have felt this way at one time or another? It's inevitable, and it always happens. But we're softball players, and we always overcome the bad things that happen in games!

I found this really great article called "Food For Thought" on Kacie's Fastpitch Page. It's so accurate. There's one section for the players, and one for the coaches. They're true, aren't they?

Here's a little article called Softball's Little Instruction Book. It teaches some good lessons about the game! If this is copy-righted, just let me know, and I will take it off!

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