CINEbench 2003 is a benchmark based on Cinema4D.  The relative scores above are based on a geometric mean of normalized (on 1333 MHz Athlon) shading (Cinema4D) and rendering (cpu) benchmarks.  Scores using the (OpenGL) video card were not included because those scores are highly dependent on video card and drivers. The reason that dual processors only show a moderate performance increase is that the shading subtest does not benefit from multiple processors and the geometric mean reduces the impact of the much higher rendering subtest scores.

For point of reference, the fastest processors available in OEM systems as of 23 May 2004 are: 2000 MHz G5, 2400 MHz Opteron, 2200 MHz Athlon 64, 3400 MHz P4, and 3200 MHz Xeon.
CINEbench Benchmark
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Last Updated: May 21, 2004
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