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Mac vs. PC performance is an issue that many people like to argue about.  It is also an issue that is dominated by hype and undocumented performance claims.  This site attempts to take publicly-available and documented benchmark data and present it in terms of easy-to-understand graphics.
The data presented here are simplifications of benchmarks, which in themselves are simplifications of the entire performance picture.  The data presented here are not
proof that one processor is faster or slower than another.  Rather, these data simply provide evidence that people must evaluate for themselves.

For the vast majority of computer users, any processor is fast enough.  It's for those few of us that either need the highest performance or like to argue about Mac vs. PC performance that this site exists.

There are other issues such as software/hardware availability, "elegance", price, stability, and style that may influence how people evaluate Macs and PCs.  Although those issues may have relevance, this site is strictly about performance.  If you aren't interested in Mac vs. PC performance, you are in the wrong place.