Lightwave 7.5
Lightwave 7.5 is a 3D-modelling application.

The subtests include:

Raytrace, Depth of Field, Textures, Z-Buffer Sort, Tracer Radiosity, Tracer No Radiosity, Radiosity Reflective Things, and Variations

The scores posted here are geometric means of the highest normalized subtest scores for each processor originally posted on Chris's Lightwave Benchmarks site (not including scores that appear to be outliers or overclocked processors).  Normalized scores for each subtest were calculated by dividing the inverse of the time for a processor by the inverse of the time for the base processor (2x 1000 G4) in that subtest and multiplying by 100%.  The overall score for each processor was calculated by taking the geometric mean of all of the subtest normalized scores for that processor.  The geometric mean was used because the normalized scores are proportions.

For point of reference, the fastest clockspeeds available in OEM systems as of 23 May 2004 are: 2000 MHz G5, 2200 MHz Athlon 64, 2400 Mhz Opteron, 3400 MHz P4, and 3200 MHz Xeon.
Chris's Lightwave Benchmarks Last Updated: May 23, 2004