Maya 5.x
Maya is a 3D-animation/visual effects application.

The Maya rendering scores posted here are based on the Maya Render Benchmark at ZooRender. To calculate the scores, I took the inverse of the time reported for each processor and divided it by the inverse of the time for the base processor (2000 MHz G5) and multiplied by 100%.  I have not reported scores that appear to be outliers or from overclocked processors.  Note that this benchmark is not multi-threaded.

The Mac is running v.5.01 and PCs are running v. 5.1 for these scores. 

For point of reference, the fastest clockspeeds available in OEM systems as of 23 May 2004 are: 2000 MHz G5, 2200 MHz Athlon 64, 2400 MHz Opteron, 3400 MHz P4, and 3200 MHz Xeon.
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Last Updated: May 23, 2004