Photoshop 7
PS7Bench is a Photoshop benchmark that consists of 21 subtests.  They are:

90 degree clockwise rotation
9 degreee clockwise rotation
.9 degree clockwise rotation
1 pixel gaussian blur
3.7 pixel gaussian blur
8.5 pixel gaussian blur
50%, 1 pixel, 0 level unsharp mask
50%, 3.7 pixel, 1 level unsharp mask
50%, 10 pixel, 5 level unsharp mask
despeckle filter
60% image reduction
lens flare filter
color halftone filter
NTSC colors filter
accented edges brushstrokes filter
pointillize filter
watercolor filter
polar coordinates filter
radial blur filter
lighting effects filter

The scores are the geometric mean of normalized subtest scores.   To generate the normalized subtest scores, the inverse of the subtest time for a given processor was divided by the inverse of the subtest time for the base processor and then multiplied by 100% (inverse used because lower times equal faster performance); this was done separately for each subtest. The base processor was a 1000 MHz TBird Athlon running Photoshop 6.01 and PS5Bench for continuity with previous scores.  To generate the overal score for a given processor, the geometric mean was calculated based on all of the individual subtest normalized scores for that processor.  The geometric mean was used because the normalized subtest scores are proportions.  This means that each subtest is weighted equally regardless of how long it takes to run relative to the other subtests.

These scores were generated with PS7Bench using the 50 MB file.  These scores are
not based on summed times of all of the subtests in the benchmark.  The details about these scores, as well as additional scores not reported here  may be found on the ArsTechnica OpenForum thread (PS7Bench Discussion) linked below.

For point of reference; the fastest processors available in OEM systems as of 23 May 2004 are:
2000 MHz G5, 2200 MHz Athlon 64, 2400 MHz Opteron, 3400 MHz P4, and 3200 MHz Xeon. 
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Last Updated: May 23, 2004
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