This is the story of Nicodemus and Saede.

Well, part of it is. We pick up Nico’s story just days before he makes a decision that will ultimately change both of their lives equivocally. Saede’s story begins a few days later, in the aftermath of Nico’s decision. Greenbacca's story begins subsequently after that.

While these are Star Wars characters, in the Star Wars universe, we’ve found that aspects of their stories transcend the genre, and really make the characters real for us. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing and playing it.

Saede TaggartNicodemus CalebGreenbacca

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Disclaimer: This is fan fiction, set in the Star Wars: Galaxies Universe. We are in no way claiming the source material as our own, nor do we wish to step on any toes. Any mistakes in cannon are ours and ours alone, though some have been made intentionally, since the Galaxies universe is not exactly the same as cannon Star Wars. This is a non-profit site.