The succession of the Swaminarayan Sampraday's Spiritual Heads - as established by Lord Swaminarayan

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"One has to be Dharmakul na Aashrit’ to attain Moksha" – Lord Swaminarayan...ref: Vachanamrit Gadhada No.1

Who is the Dharmakul and what is the significance of seeking refuge in the Dharmakul that Lord Swaminarayan talks about in the Vachanamrit? Find out from the information in this site 


Dharmakul or Dharmavanshi in the Swaminarayan Sampraday context refers to the divine lineage (Guru Parampara) starting from Lord Swaminarayan up to the present and future lineage of Acharyas (Guru), whom Lord Swaminarayan adopted as His own sons and installed as Acharyas. The Acharyas are the sole representatives of Lord Swaminarayan and have the responsibility of managing the entire Swaminarayan movement as per the boundaries of each of the two Acharyas i.e. the Ahmedabad Gadi (NarNarayan dev) Acharya and the Vadtal Gadi (LaxmiNarayan dev) Acharya

To be ‘Dharmakul na Aashrit’ or to be‘ Seeking refuge’ in the Dharmakul implies being initiated by the respective Acharyas into the authentic Swaminarayan fold so that one can qualify to:

1)    Become a Swaminarayan devotee

2)    Do authentic bhakti (not just reap fruits but attain salvation)

3)    Attain the divine abode (Akshardham) in the divine service of Lord Swaminarayan

The initiation of all Swaminarayan followers including the saints, by the respective Acharyas is what qualifies one to be in the genuine Swaminarayan fold  



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