Mute Swans
Mute swans are without a doubt the most romantic of all waterfowl.  Their graceful, smooth movement in the water is truly a thing to see.  These are the swans that are usually pictured on greeting cards.  Although they are capable of making a few different sounds, they are primarily quiet birds.  They raise their Cygnets in the early spring, and lay clutches of 6-8 eggs. They weigh about 25 pounds at adulthood.   If you would like more information on Mute swans, feel free to email us.
Mute Cygnets pictured with their mother. They are 4 months old.  They are a beautiful silver color when they hatch. They will gradually turn a lighter color and will be a grayish white at one year of age. They will not turn totally white until their first molt at just over a year old.
Notice their black bills.  They gradually change as they age and will turn the beautiful orange color of their parents.  Their knobs are just starting to appear at this age as well.
This is Harry. He is pictured in the clutch above when he was about 4 months old.  He is now almost 1 year of age.
This is a young bird. You can tell by the gray still in its feathers and the changing of the bill color.
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