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Swapnil Sawe

Software, I daresay, is more than coding up instructions, in favorite language, accompanied with desired architecture, to perform complex business logic. It is vast enough to define.

I beleive myself to be a major in application of Java APIs. The reason why Java/J2EE and other related technologies allure me is the feature of independence from the platform. There have been many different languages I have worked on but I have not seen any language even remotely easier and yet powerful. So just like any other Software Developer I can say I know, C, C++, Perl, CGI, ASP, VB, but my favorite remains just Java and related Technologies.

To conclude I would just list down the languages & related softwares I have used in my career to build professional applications/products.

Software Ingenuity
  • Java
  • JSP
  • Servlets
  • J2ME
  • mysql
  • Oracle
  • MS-SQL Server
  • MS-Access
  • C
  • Pro *C
  • D211 Scripting
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • XSL
  • JavaScript
  • ASP
  • VBScript
  • Visual Basic
  • Oracle D2K
  • AdventNet Agent Toolkit
  • Spectrum Aprisma
  • jSNMP