"Pentrating the darkness of the night! A running atmosphere of freedom, the three saint comets, Sailor StarFighter, Sailor StarMaker, Sailor StarHealer! The Starlights are present!"
The Starlights from the manga

The Starlights came to Earth to find their princess, Kakyuu-hime (Princess Kakyuu). Their planet had been attacked and Kakyuu-hime fled. The Starlights tried to fight, but when their planet was overrun, they too fled. They all reached Earth knowing their planet had been destroyed. They came to Earth and disguised themselves as men to try to attract Kakyuu-hime back to them. They became the Three Lights and sang songs to reach Kakyuu. Usagi actually thinks that Seiya is singing his songs to her (b/c they are all about a beautiful princess).As the Three Lights, they just happened to be enrolled in the same school as Usagi and a few of the others. In the Manga, the Starlights are actually women dressed as men.
The Starlights combine attacks The Starlights each shout there attack phrase and stand side-by-side. They all then release their attacks and a colorful blast of light is released. The attacks form themselves and hit whoever they are targeting.
Powers (General): Star Forms All the starlights can become stars. Each of them has a different color star (I've got to continue looking that up!). Light Flash Whenever a Starlight henshins or attacks a blinding flash of light is released.


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