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NEW SWASHAGUNGA CARES LETTER. I help a pathetic loser be less pathetic.

WOMEN. I'm obviously a hit with the ladies, so I'm sharing some trade secrets with the lame and pathetic.

KIDS ARE STUPID AND I HATE THEM. Rather self-explanatory.

GOLF IS THE STUPIDEST SPORT EVER It really is. Sport is stupid, but golf is the village idiot in a village of idiots... of sports.

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Flaming donut breeder 90768236593789459's expose on the climbing divorce rates.

TECHNO IS THE ONLY THING GAYER THAN YOU. Flaming donut breeder 90768236593789459 objectively reviews techno as a music genre.

A new
Swashagunga Cares letter. Some guy thinks he is a loser. I confirm this fact.

Colour co-ordinating and fashion aren't manly. I explore this fact.

HOTDOG BOY! The first two episodes are up, from our resident artist, N.S Metalik

I really think you're cool: Flaming donut breeder 90768236593789459 looks at how cool you really are

TERRORISTS ARE GAY. Modern day terrorists are retards

ANARCHY. Stupid assholes, making me look bad by being categorised as a human.

Some sites that aren't totally stupid
I Mockery: Twisted, Cynical, Sarcastic... it's funny. Go there, and they might like me or something.

The Best Page In The Universe:
Also funny. Go there, becasue Maddox is simply the greatest person in the universe. Or something, who cares, just go there...

Mild Irritation..Etc: My blog. I don't post often, because you don't go there. Go there, it is great.

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