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2009 ride dates have been finalised -
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Ride Dates for 2009

A first stab of sugested dates here. Tried to avoid school holidays, mothers day etc. I Have left the end of the year a bit open as it turned pear shaped last year so we will play it by ear a bit closer.

22nd March 1 day
25th April 2 day
24th May 1 day
20th June 2 day
26th July 1 day
29th Aug 2 day
27th September 1 day

The 2 day rides could include:

- Pyrenees. Might even make this 3 days for keen people. 1 day up to St Arnaud and back, Day 2 around Pyrenees, and Day 3 have a look around Mt Cole on the Way Home

- Big desert. Maybe camp at Lake Albacutya and do a day south following the Wimmera River and a day North. Plenty of Sand.

- Rocklands or Dergholm or somewhere else near a pub. Ride Saturday and not plan anything for Sunday praps?1/9/08
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