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And for night, things go real serious...

Special knitted sleep sack. Basically a foot to neck knitted bag that is tight fitting down the legs and feet, with a divider between the legs and closed at the feet. Inside, down the sides are tubes that enclose the arms and keep them down the persons sides. The top narrows to a long cowl neck that's elasticated enough to allow the sack to be pulled up the victims body and over the shoulders after placing their arms in the internal sleeves. Once in place it forms a huge roll neck. The tubes enclosing the arms stop the victim using their arms to get themselves out. As they are not locked in, only the soft embrace of the wool holds them inside. Perfect!

The head can also be covered with an all-enclosing knitted mohair hood and the neck of the sleep sack unrolled up over it for extra snugness.


These are all Naomi originals, although some have been modified and posted to various sites and newsgroups in the last 10 years.

If you post them on your own site, please acknowledge Naomi Sweaterdress as the author.


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