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Hey Bloody, could you let us know what You have been up to lately? 
As far as I know you haven't released any album for a while.

Well... I have a brand new band called Bloody and the Transfusions. Our first show will be on October 25th in downtown Peoria. It's kind of cool because we are playing at the Bloody Mess tribute CD release party. The CD is coming out on Black & Blue Records, and features about 25 bands doing covers of my songs from the last 20 years. Yes, Its my 20th anniversary this year! I started singing in punk bands in 1983. The Bloody tribute CD also features 2 brand new songs by me. One of the songs is called "Caged Animal" & the other is "Rock'n'Roll Scallywag" which I'm really proud of because I co-wrote it with Wes Beech of the Plasmatics! The tribute CD is called BLOODY & THE BASTARD CHILDREN - A TRIBUTE TO BLOODY F. MESS. The last full-length CD I released was in 1999 "Bloody & The Vaynes". I feel it's the best music I've ever released and if you don't have it, contact B&B records about buying a copy!

      Bloody Mess 1985 in Charleston Illinois  Bloody Mess 1985 on stage with HATE in Charleston Illinois

Were You born to be a punk? Tell us how it was to grow up in Peoria and how you became a punkrocker.

I was born to lose... but I live to win. Growing up in Peoria was boring, but music saved my pathetic soul! I helped create the first punk rock scene in Peoria back in the early 80's and it wasn't so boring after that! Lots of bands formed, lots of shows, and Chicago is only 3 hours a way, so I spent my time writing songs and playing shows with all kinds of punk bands, such as: Naked Raygun, GG Allin, Toxic Reasons, Adrenalin Overdose, 10-96, M.I.A, the Necros & many many more. How did I become a punk rocker? Well, I've always been a black sheep, an odd duck, a fucking nut!  I liked all kinds of music, but the first punk records I discovered really changed my perspective on life. Bands like Cramps,  Plasmatics, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Motorhead, & Dead Kennedys. Great stuff that I still love.

How did you come up with the name Bloody F. Mess?
I suppose it wasn't your parents idea.

Good question! I was a big fan of punk rock, still am. I was about 14 years old and a lot of my favorite punks had cool nicknames, like Sid Vicious, Jello Biafra, Johnny Rotten, etc... Me & my friends drank alot of liquor, partied alot. I was, and can be a mess (open to interpretation), and one night, while boozing it up & getting rowdy, a buddy of mine, Kevin "Rotten" Brashear started calling me fucking bloody mess... He got it from the Sex Pistols song "Bodies". I arranged it to be Bloody fucking Mess. Then later I shortened it to Bloody F. Mess and finally, just Bloody Mess. I do have "Bloody" tattooed on my back, too. Ironically, I got to be one of the opening acts for Sex Pistols reunion show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

When did You first hear of GG Allin and when was the first time you got in contact with him? 

I was in a band called CHIPS PATROLL back in 1983-84, and my guitar player, Barry Stepe, gave me a copy of a GG Allin & The Scumfucs 7- inch record. (the one with Drink, Fight & Fuck) He hated it, but I loved it. I then started writing to GG and we became friends.

In Peoria 1985, GG took his first ever shit on stage. Was it planned? How was the reaction from the crowd? 
Tell us a little about this event.

Yes, GG did plan on shitting onstage the first time. He was staying at my cockroach infested apartment, and I was with him when he bought the Ex-Lax, Unfortunately, he ate it hours before the show, so he constantly had to hold it in or he would've shit before he got onstage..ha...The show was at a local VFW hall in nearby Creve Coeurr, Illinois on July 31st 1985. A straight-edge band called Caustic Defiance did open the show, they were out of their element for sure, and were scared to death of GG. My band HATE went on prior for GG... After he shit onstage, complete chaos broke out in the hall... All of the old men in charge of the hall went fucking NUTS! They started picking up the P.A. system, guitar amps & stuff and started throwing it out the door! Hundreds of confused punk kids were flipping out, running out the door, because the smell was INCREDIBLE. In fact, I still smell it, haha. GG decided to rub shit all over his chest, so nobody would try to kick his ass... It was great! By the time we jumped in the van, the cops were pulling in! WE GOT AWAY!!! Of course, once we got back to my place, a bunch of trouble started & the cops came. I ended up in jail, being arrested for marijuana possession. I nearly went to prison, but a good attorney comes in handy. GG went to Dallas, Texas and recorded the infamous Texas Nazi's live album. 

I've heard the tape with Hate's performance from VFW hall . Tell us a little about that great band.

Wow, how the hell did you hear the Bloody Mess & Hate tape from that night? I still have that tape and if you listen close you can hear GG saying, "Take your pants off", in the audience.  As far as songs released by HATE...We recorded a 7 inch EP, but never released it! (It was to be called, "I'm Glad Sid's Dead") However, SOME of the songs were released on CD compilations. You can hear "Heavy Metal Sucks" on a benefit CD for Roger Miret (singer for Agnostic Front), on Grand Theft Audio Records. That came out in 1995. Also, you can hear "I Ain't Got No Friends" and "Spit On My Face" on the Mutha Records  compilation CD "Bands Only A Mutha Could Love". Some other songs from that unreleased HATE record were: "Skinheads Suck", "Morals Don't Exist" and "Who Needs Jesus?". 

                                       Bloody and GG Allin in Peoria July 30th 1985 the night before the VFW gig

You and GG Allin arranged the infamous Hated in the nation tours 1985 & '86. Details please...  

That tour was fucking insane... Alot of shows did get cancelled, but still, GG & myself travelled in a Greyhound Bus. It was killer. I was his opening act, doing spoken word poetry. We played in Madison, Wisconsin at O'cayz Corral. GG had a band backing him up instead of his usual backing tape & it sounded great. Unfortunately I got thrown outta the club before GG did!! (for pulling his jock strap down) We also played at EXIT in Chicago which was cool. I watched GG eat some fat slut's pussy right on the sidewalk. Good times! We did lots of drugs, drank booze & got in lots of trouble. We played The Warehouse in Chicago & GG beat a skinhead in the head with a microphone stand... We ended up getting locked in a fucking closet & the F.B.I. came. We are lucky we didn't get shot or killed that night. But I do not regret any of it! We did a house party in Peoria too....GG got his face punched in & blood was all over. Lots of whiskey that night, WHEW! My memory sucks but I remember most of it all.

Could You tell us a little about Brian Douglas Clemons?

He was a friend, and a terrific poet, too. We used to talk on the phone alot, late at night. We wrote to each other too. I was on a spoken word bill with him & his girlfriend in Chicago once, although I didn't make it. Brian and his chick are both dead now, from heroin.

What drugs did You do with GG? Was he a big fan of pot? 

GG was not a fan of pot. I did smoke pot with him, but not often. (pot is my favorite) GG was more into bottles of brandy or Jim Beam whiskey. I did do cocaine with him, too. If you're asking about MY drug use I always believed in recreational/moderate drug use, and still do. I've never been addicted to anything but cigarettes, but have been known to enjoy coke, pot, lsd, mushrooms & heroin...and not usually all at once...

In January 1989, GG came to visit you in Peoria. There was a recording session (featured on "Insult & injury vol. 2
- Bloody years" CD) and what else happened?

We had a blast that weekend. GG stayed with me & my ex-prostitute girlfriend. We got drunk & recorded some songs & went to the Club Peorian gay bar. We got into it with some lesbian dykes and the cops came, but we got away! It was a crazy weekend. Lots of pills, booze, music and cops, ha ha. GG & I stayed one night at my apartment just watching Rolling Stones videos & getting drunk.

Bloody Mess and the Skabs

I want to hear about the shows with Bloody Mess and the Skabs?
I know You passed out on stage a couple of times, also you made the news by burning USA flags.

The Skabs shows usually were chaotic as hell. I used to set my hair on fire quite often, & at the time I enjoyed it. But after awhile I started to look kinda goofy haha, so I stopped that shit! Yes, there were quite a few shows that I passed out at... once in Galesburg, Illinois we played at a comic book store, and I ate a bunch of acid and drank too much tequila. I don't remember the show at all, and various audience members came up to sing each song. (the video from that show & was one of the best comedies I've ever seen) And yes, at one gig, the cops came & ex Skabs drummer Gabby did throw his drums at the pigs!! How funny. In St. Louis I played a show with The Vaynes completely naked, and lost my favorite Iggy Pop T-shirt. And THAT... is my only regret.

Yeah, we used to burn the American flag onstage. Once, in Davenport Iowa a guy pulled a gun on me for doing it. People were outraged. (pussies)  After that show we made the cover of 5 different newspapers! We went down to Nashville, Tennessee & burned the rebel flag onstage. It was fun, but risky. We got the flags by visiting graves & stealing the flags from the graves. We were assholes, & I still have no regrets.I did a gig in Staten Island, New York once in like 1991, at a mafia bar---and after I burned flags onstage, all the skinheads in the crowd came at me. I think I may have gotten punched once-haha-but it was funny watching these big dumb Italian dumbfucks, mixed with skinheads, trying to get at me. I got out the backdoor & split. I was supposed to play at CBGB'S the next night but the band were too afraid of skinheads, so the gig didn't happen. Great memories! PUNK ROCK!! 

                                                    Bloody with TV talk show host Phil Donahue

You were invited as guest on Donahue talkshow. What was the topics for that episode? 
Also tell us a little about Skab TV.

Yes, I did appear as a guest on The Phil Donahue show. I also did the "Rolonda" show and was on a show called "Passengers" in London, England (BBC). That show actually flew to Peoria directly from London to interview me & film myself and The Skabs. The topics on all the shows were all connected to serial killers. They talked about my associations with serial killers & stuff. It was fun. A funny story: While at NBC studios in NYC, backstage at Phil Donahues show, I got my own "green room" to hang out in. Peter Yarmouth, from Black & Blue Records, was with me. Anyway, our room turned out to be Chris Farley's dressing room! (the now dead comedian/actor/star of Saturday Night Live" on American television) Peter & I broke into Farley's personal storage locker, and I stole his script from the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live. Then, I put some Bloody Mess & The Skabs tapes in there. We also smoked a couple of joints in there before going on the set of Donahue, ummmmm... Skab TV was just a friend filming us at a show we did at an indoor skateboard park...He then added affects/graphics & stuff to the video. I walked around on camera interviewing audience members. It was us being dumb & drunk. Good times.

  Bloody with serial killer John Wayne Gacy on Death Row at Menard Prison in Illinois 1991  Artwork by Gacy on Bloody & the Skabs first EP 1989

Are You still doing mail correspondence with serial killers??
Didn't You use to trade porn-mags with John Wayne Gacy?

No, I'm not currently corresponding with any serial killers, assassins or mass murderers. At one time I was pen pals with people such as Lynette Squeaky Fromme, John Hinckley Jr,  Charles Manson, Ottis Toole, Kenneth Bianchi & John Wayne Gacy. I visited Gacy 3 times on Death Row- at Menard Penitentiary, and have hundreds of letters from him. I didn't actually trade porn with Uncle John, but he would send me very explicit order forms from porn book publishers, and I would order stuff for him, in exchange for his artwork. It worked out well and I would have to tear the covers off of the books in order to get them into the prison via the mail system. Too many people I know have had the F.B.l. show up at their doors because of corresponding with notorious criminals & I don't need the hassle. I did one of the last interviews with Gacy before he was executed. It was published in a fanzine I used to publish called, "Fanatic".

Did You see any shows with GG in the 90's? 

Yes, I saw GG with the Murder Junkies in the 90's, but didn't dig it too much. I feel it was his worst music. Back in the older days, GG used to call his brother Merle a pussy. But eventually Merle joined his band, & It sucked in my opinion, and Merle is still a pussy riding on GG's name. I thought he was cool as hell, until I started hearing from friends all over the country that Merle was talking all kinds of shit about my band. Saying our records sucked, saying I was a GG wanna be (he's obviously never seen me perform), and crap like that. For about a year I dismissed it as lies, but it became evident that he was indeed, saying all sorts of bullshit about me. Well, I finally said to hell with him. So I started firing back in the media, and he didn't like that. Well, I'm here to say, FUCK HIM. I've talked to a whole lot of people around the country about him, and it seems that I'm not alone in my negative feelings for Merle. He constantly rips people off, lies, scams and does anything to live off of his brothers name. What a cunt he is. I actually hung with Merle & his ex-wife at their apartment in New York once. We got along great. We even went to Maxwells in New Jersey to see Tesco Vees Hate Police together. I don't know why he backstabbed me so often. But I do know that I wouldn't put up with that shit from my own brother, let alone from Merle Allin. Fuck him. Long live the Scumfucs!! 

How did the "Bloody Years" cd come together?

As far as the Bloody Years Cd goes, the story is: Peter Yarmouth, from Black & Blue asked me to compile some stuff for a GG compilation cd, which became "Insult & Injury-The Bloody Years". Unfortunately, the cd is a mockery of what it could have been. If I had some of the lost recordings, it would have been a true "Bloody Years" cd, instead it's slim pickings I'm afraid, but still a really cool collectors cd. The stuff that I lost, that COULD'VE been on the cd includes: The 1985 recording from the VFW hall in Creve Coeurr, IL. GG first shit on stage there & I think he did like 3-4 songs before it got shut down. The cops ended up with the tape & the taperecorder. Bummer. I also lost the Chicago "Exit" tape. Me & GG had passed out on the street in Chicago. We hadn't slept in days... Well, when we passed out, I had my portable tape player in my hand... and when we woke up, it was gone! Some asshole stole it from my drunken, passed out hands. We felt like fucking idiots after that happened & the whole show was on tape & it was excellent quality. I think it was 20-40 minutes. Maybe more. Also I would've had more from the Madison, Wisconsin "O'Cayz Corral" show, but I was kicked outta the club early. Hi, I'm a moron! Ha! Anyway-the CD is out-of-print now.

The Cd has liners notes written by me. Also the 3 songs I did get from the Madison show in 1986, a part of my spoken word performance and GGs performance at "Petes Basement" in Peoria 1986. Included also is the shitty recordings that the Skabs & I did with GG in Peoria 1989. The song "Thinkin & Drinkin" was written by me & GG while drunk. GG plays harmonica & acoustic guitar on it. The night we recorded it, we were really drunk, stoned and taking some pills that my drummer had. Those pills were some heavy shit. Fucked us up bad. You also get to hear GG & myself singing together on my "Ugly Friends" song. We threw a Bloody Mess & The Skabs song on the disc, too, called "Murder Groupies", however, on the "Hungover & Stoned" CD we re-titled it, "Cheerleader For Death." The end of the CD is filled with various phone call fragments between GG & myself. That's the story on the "Bloody Years" cd.  

What was the reason Bloody Mess and the Skabs broke up?
Years ago I heard a rumour your drummer died, is that true or BS?

No... none of my drummers ever died. (theres a couple I would like to have killed though-HA) The Skabs broke up in 1994, after being a band for 8 years, and after going through over 35 different band members. I just got burned out by it and quit the band to form an outlaw country band called The Renegades. I also did a 7 inch EP country project, called Bloody & The Country Trash Punks. The Renegades lasted a little over a year, and we did 56 shows!

Could you please give us a sample of Your lyrics. 

You want lyric samples? Cool. Most people only ask about partying or crazy on-stage antics. Hmmm...Ok..I'll give an old lyric sample & a new one. From "LOOK IT OR LIVE IT" (on the Bloody Mess & The Skabs 1994 "Hungover & Stoned" CD) ;

"Standing on a smoky stage, that is where I vent my rage
Sweating puddles down my thigh, always gets me very high

All these women & these men, pay to come back again
Give them what they wanna see, they go home & go to sleep

They don't seem to understand it's how I live my life
To them its all a goddamn game, I don't get paid a dime."

Okay...and now a lyric sample from my brand new song called ROCK N ROLL SCALLYWAG 
(co-written by Wes Beech and soon available on The Bloody Mess tribute CD):

"I go to the church of rock baby, there's rocker in my veins
I'm a pirate, and the ship, is sinking and insane

Nobody gave me, somebody give me, something for my head
I've been thinking, drinking and sinking
Someday I'll be dead."

I could give examples of my lyrics all day...but I won't. Thanks for the interest Brother.

What's your favorite GG musical era? 

I'm a big fan of everything he did with The Jabbers!  The "Always is" album is fantastic. Its cool to hear that The Jabbers are back together, too. I guess, as far as my favorite GG stuff, it's kind of a toss up between the Jabbers & The Scumfucs. I was just listening to some old Jabbers stuff yesterday. Man, I'm still blown away by the stuff GG & the guys did then. A killer raw rock n Roll band, and you can hear GG transforming quickly into the wildman he became. " Dead Or Alive" is an awesome tune.  "Bored To Death" is killer, "Cheri Love Affair" is really cool, "Don't Talk To Me" & "You Hate Me..." are great too. My band, The Transfusions, may include our version of "Beat Beat Beat" into our live shows. As far as The Scumfucs, my favorite is the "I Wanna Rape you" 7 inch. I recommend getting the "Dirty Love Songs" album. It has alot of the good stuff. And the "Eat My Fuc" album rules too. Raw, underproduced & a classic. GG actually bit the sleeves corner of my copy, and a chunk is missing.  My least favorite GG stuff is The Murder Junkies era. Absolutely horrible in my opinion. Once GG started the "I'm God" stuff, I was turned off. 

Did you see different sides of GG? Did GG Allin have humor? 

I saw different sides of GG, but he tried real hard to only show his "tough" side. He came to Peoria & stayed with me a few times, and once, after I picked him up at the bus station, he told me he really didn't want to meet any fans. We ended up hanging out at my apartment watching Rolling Stones & Janis Joplin videos (his choice) and drinking a lot of beer. Once, in Chicago, I told GG I loved him and I asked him if he loved me... He wouldn't say it, but after shots of whiskey, he finally said, Yes I love you Bloody... BUT... When I told one of his female fans that story, he got really pissed off at me! The real mind-blower came when Me & GG's brother Merle were still friends. I was at Merle's apartment in New York City once and he let me see the Allin family photo albums. I saw photos of GG at Christmas...I saw photos off GG's wedding! He looked completely normal, a little heavier in weight, and all dressed-up. The photos of him cutting his wedding cake with his wife really blew me away. I also have photos of GG with his daughter Nico. He was a human being, but became more animal-like on purpose. One of a kind! As far as a sense of humor, yes, he had one, but I really didn't see it a lot. he did laugh when we were being chased by cops down alleys. A thrill laugh is what I usually heard.

Do you recall when you heard about GG's death?

I was at home when I found out GG died. A friend called me. It was intense & I miss him.

I heard you are working on a radiostation. 
What music do You play on the show, sleazy punkrock or radio friendly diarrhea? 

Yes, I am a radio DJ. I host a show called The Church Of Rock & I play a mixture of current music, local rock & comedy stuff. Its a blast & its fun being paid to be myself. I've been a radio guy for over 4 years & it pays the bills, and I get great gigs offered to my band alot. I get to interview rock stars too, which is fun. I recently smoked pot with Jimmy from Corrosion Of Conformity, Hank Williams the 3rd and Phil Anselmo from Pantera! Good times.

What music are You into? Any favorite bands?

I'm a music FREAK & some of my favorites are: punk, old metal, 50's rockabilly, old country music, gothic, etc... Tiny Tim, Germs, Misfits, Cramps, Black Flag, Anti-Nowhere League, Bauhaus, Exploited, Plasmatics, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, so much to think of. I'm really open-minded musically. 

 What's Your plans for the future?

My new band is called Bloody & The Transfusions. I'm on vocals, Johnny G String is on guitar, Lincoln is on the bass guitar and my drummer is a Peoria rock veteran named Billy The Kid (a killer drummer, who also happens to be completely blind!) We will be releasing a CD sometime in 2004 and hope to come play Europe & to visit you in Sweden. I'm 37 years young & I still have as much energy onstage as I always did. I will rock 'til I drop, that's for sure! Thanks Jimmie, for the interview. Also, if any Americans want to book Bloody & The Transfusions, you can contact me directly at





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