Note:  Names in bold are PALS / CALS Web Sites that have been in existence for more than five years.

(Listed Alphabetically by First Name)
Al Pickens’ Web Site: (“Al’s ALS Links”)
Alfred Butler’s Web Site:
Alfred Caffiero’s Web Site:   (“Alfred Caffiero Foundation”)
Angelo Sciulli’s Web Site:

Bert Woodard’s Home Page: (“An ALS Manual”)
Bill Quinn Jr.’s Web Site:   (“ALS Taste of Fame”)
Brenda Cupelli’s Home Page: (“A Story Of Spirit”)
Brent Fendley’s Home Page:   (“Brent’s Place”)

Cecil Neth’s Web Site: (“ALS – A Beginner’s Manual”)
Charles Smith’s Home Page:
Cheryl Mathews-Prock’s Web Site: (“ALS Network”)
Chuck Hollenbach’s Home Page: (“ALS PINpoint”)
Claire Culver’s Web Site:   (“The ALS Support Network of Appalachia”)
Connie Zol’s Home Page:
Craig Samples’ Home Page: (“Craig’s Place In Cyber Space”)

David Abell’s Home Page:
David Huff’s Home Page:
Dean Chioles’ Home Page:
Debbie Tope’s Web Site: (“Focus On ALS”)
Deliamc’s Home Page:
Desmond Schulemann’s Home Page:   (“An ALS Journal”)
Diane Huberty’s Home Page: (“Nursing Tips for Living with ALS”)
Don Moore’s Home Page:
Donna Bohm’s Web Site:   (“Donna’s Journey With ALS”)
Doug Eshleman’s Web Site: (“ALS Survival Guide”)
Doug Jacobson’s Home Page: (“Doug’s Beat ALS”)
Doug Satterlund’s Home Page:

Edward Holmes’ Home Page:

Gary Nicklas’ Home Page:
George Breedloves’ Home Page:
Grant Nicholas’ Web Site: (“ALS Digest” Archives)
Greg Hicok’s Home Page: (“Ride Across Michigan”)

Heidi Vance’s Web Site:   (“Curtis R. Vance Foundation”)
Henry Billen’s Web Site:
Holly Hufmeyer’s Home Page:

Irene Poindexter’s Home Page:

Jason Becker’s Web Site:
Jason Davis’ Web Site: (“Jason’s Story”)
Jeff Pines’ Home Page:
Jerry Bergen’s Home Page:   OR
Joan Diez’s Home Page:
Joe Harris’ Web Site: (“Joe’s Advocacy For PALS”)
John McDaniel’s Home Page: (“John’s Town”)
Jon Phillips’s Home Page:
Joyce Edelstein’s Web Site: (“Help Joyce Live”)
Judy Repass’ Home Page:

Karl Boyken’s Home Page: (“ALS Information”)
Katherine Stickney-Klaus’s Home Page: (“Picturesque PALS”)
Ken Stone’s Home Page:
Kenny Fullington’s Home Page: (“The Life of a Firefighter”)
Kyle Hahn’s Web Site: (“ALS Infobahn”)

Lane Jolliff’s Web Site: (“Lanie’s Place”)
Leroy Kramer’s Home Page:
Luther Conant’s Web Site:

Marcy Payne’s Web Site: (“Everyday Is Precious”)
Mark Reiman’s Web Site: (“Incredible People Magazine”)
Michael Zaslow’s Web Site: (“Michael Zaslow’s ZazAngels”)
Michele Cornell’s Web Site: (“Meet My Friend”)
Mikki Lawson’s Web Site: (“ALS Talk…”)

Paul Vineburg’s Home Page: (“Paul’s MND Pages”)

Richard Caughie’s Home Page:
Rick Clark’s Home Page: (“Rick Clark’s World”)
Robb Thompson’s Home Page: (“ALS Informer”)
Ron Crane’s Family Home Page: (“A Spiritual Resource”)
Ronnie Love’s Home Page: (“Ron’s Place”)
Rose McKinley’s Web Pages:   OR

Sherry Ketzbeau’s Home Page: (“Lindenwood Acres”)
Steve Fowler’s Web Site:
Steve Hutchins’ Home Page:
Steve Weekes’ Home Page: (“ALS & Associated Web Sites")
Steven Graham’s Home Page:

Tony Fuselier’s Home Page: (“Tbear: Hunting ALS”)

Wayne Phillips’ Web Site: (“Turning Points In ALS”)
William Kibbie’s Web Site: (“ALS Is Not Fatal”)

International PALS / CALS Personal Web Sites:

(Listed Alphabetically by Country)
Christine Magee’s Home Page:   (“Small’s Getaway” – Australia)
David Mackenzie’s Web Site:   (Australia)
Jackie Williams’ Home Page:   (Birchip, Victoria, Australia)
John Graham’s Home Page: (Sydney, Australia)
Keith Sunbeam’s Home Page: (Australia)
Margit’s Internet Corner: (“Tools for the Motor Disabled” – Australia)
Robin Balsdon’s Home Page: (“Enjoying Life” - Australia)
Stephen ("Mutley") Brown’s Home Page: (Australia)
Steven Shackel’s Web Site:   (Goulburn, Australia)

Irene Coutinho’s Home Page: (Brazil)

Chris Mann’s Home Page: (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
George Goodwin’s Web Site:   (“ALS Independence” – Ontario, Canada)
Roger Poulin’s Home Page: (Quebec, Canada)

Birger Bergmann Jeppesen’s Home Page: (Odense, Denmark)
Jens Harhoff’s Home Page: (Denmark)
Tommy Pedersen’s Web Site: (Denmark)

Jeannie Harrison’s Home Page: (“Jeannie’s Place” – England)

Jean-Marie Quiquempois’ Home Page: (France)

Renate Winke’s Home Page: (Germany)

Steve Killeen’s Home Page: (“IMNDA” – Ireland)

Moshe Zeevi’s Home Page:   (Israel)

Hitosi Nisio’s Home Page: (Japan)
Kaznao Mimaki’s Home Page: (Japan)
Takeshi-Kamata’s Home Page: (Japan)

Jeanet Vlist Kroft’s Home Page: (Netherlands)

Aase Samsonsen’s Home Page: (Norway)
Per-Ivar Pettersen’s Home Page: (Norway)

Billy Currie’s Home Page: (Glasgow, Scotland)
John Patterson’s Web Site: (“The Dochas Fund” – Scotland)

Javier Ruiz Gimenez’s Home Page: (“ADELA” – Spain)

Rob Marshall’s Home Page: (“Rob & Shaz’s Place” – Nottinghamshire, U.K.)

The following group of PALS / CALS Web Sites were in existence at one time, but now are
no longer valid.  If you have any updated information on the following Web Sites, please
E-mail me at:

(Listed Alphabetically)
**ALS Trail Guide: (Invalid)
**Barbara Keenan’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Bob Lee’s Web Site: (“A Ride With A Reason” – Invalid)
**Bob Perron’s Home Page: (“ALS Magazine” – Invalid)
**Brent Dewar’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Dr. Charles Deevers’ Home Page: (Invalid)
**Chris Davis’ Home Page: (Invalid)
**Dave Mace’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**David Mackenzie’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Deanna Hammond’s Web Site:   (“Beading 4 ALS” – Invalid)
**Diana’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Don Altier’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Jack Norton’s Home Page: (“ALS Advocacy” – Invalid)
   (Note:  Jack lost his battle with ALS in 1997)
**Jean Green’s Home Page:   (“Team ALS” – Invalid)
   (Note:  Jean’s husband, Dave, lost his battle with ALS in July of 2002)
**Jim Compton’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Jim Ritton’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Joe’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**John McMullen’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**John Paterson’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Larry Carlson’s Home Page: (Invalid)
Pam’s Page: (Invalid)
Pam Carlson: (Invalid)
**Leonard (Lenny) Brunner’s Home Page: (Invalid)
   (Note:  Lenny lost his battle with ALS on September 20, 2002)
Vicki’s Tribute to Lenny: (Invalid)
**Lou Gehrig Tribute: (Invalid)
**Marc Levison’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Marc Reynolds’ Home Page: (Invalid)
**Marion Lippert’s Web Site: (Invalid)
**Mark Baird’s Home Page: (Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Invalid)
   (Note:  Mark lost his battle with ALS in March of 2003)
**Merv Vindy’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Mingo Montellano’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Paul’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Paul Johnson’s Home Page: (“ALS Alert” – Invalid)
   (Note:  Paul lost his battle with Lung Cancer on July 24, 2002)
**Richard Gelinas’ Home Page: (Invalid)
**Robyn Bunce’s Web Site:   (“Robyn’s Race 4 ALS” – Invalid)
**Roy Smith’s Home Page: (“The Mercury Connection” – Invalid)
**Russ Gamble’s Home Page:   (“Lean On Jesus” – Invalid)
**Scott Dawson’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Stan Smith’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Steve Holly’s Web Site: OR (Invalid)
   (Note:  Steve shutdown his Web Site in June of 2002 due to lack of funding)
**Sue Tufty’s Home Page: (Invalid)
**Tim Hawkins’ Home Page: (Invalid)
**Tom Brooks’ Web Site:   (Invalid)
    (Note:  Tom lost his battle with ALS in July of 2004)

Eric Edney does not have a website yet, but he has managed to control the symptoms of his ALS.
For information about his progress and regimen you can E-mail him at:

Peter Ganzel’s Home Page – “A Potential Cause of ALS”
"A Potential Cause of ALS” by Peter Ganzel is worth reading.
Some of the ideas may initially appear unorthodox, but the article is well presented and
the results achieved by Peter are extremely impressive.
The E-mail address for Peter is:

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