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September 27, 2009

Good news! JFP will be staying with the Yahoo group for at least another five years. We will be losing the URL with the Geocities.com domain however. Our domain name will be janetspets.com permanently after October 26th. Yahoo will make the transition easy for visitors, though, even if you get to our site the old way. Thanks for visiting us!

July 14, 2009

Cats and dogs will have an airline of their own to travel by from now on. No cargo hold for them! Read the details at Yahoo!News (may be time-limited link)

July 10, 2009

Geocities finalized the close down date to October 26, 2009.

JFP will move to another web host or stay with Yahoo, since the promotional 1-year hosting price is better than what we have now.

 In order to access this site, please use www.janetspets.com from now on.

When we move and if you use the old URLs, there will be a re-direct page here until they shut us down for good.

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Hi! Welcome to the Janet's Family Pets website. We have photo slideshows of my pets, past and present, and those of my family and friends. We are so proud of our furry and feathered animal family members (so far no scaly ones) and want to show them off.

This website started when my husband, Mike, and I lost our cat, Sumi, to cancer in 1999 and then another cat, Noel, to who knows what and how, almost a month after Sumi passed. The grief we felt over the loss of both of them in the same month prompted me to do something constructive about it.

We hope you enjoy the photos and the stories about each of these "babies" of ours.

The Slideshows

Bo - Freddy - Kitty - Noel
Sarah - Smokey - Sumi
Tasha - Willie - More of Us
Family - Friends - Memorial
Razzle's Story 

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