Well Guys even though I said it wouldn't happen - it did happen.  I have decided that due to some constraints on time due to abysmal success in the grading of my classes I do not have the time to go out and make videos.  What that means is that for the time being I will not be involved in the creation process of any future videos.  That said I'm hoping I'm not gone for good.  I just need some time to get my performance in my classes back up to spec and then I can go back to the videos full force.  This does not mean there won't be any new ones - Ben is as much a part of SFA as I am so if he wants to do some more videos without me I'm ok with it - just ask me now and then if I have time to do a scene of two.  Yeah I mean it - if I can spare the time I want to still do videos and may pop up from now and then in one.  But if Ben decides not to do any new ones as well (last I heard he wasn't doing so hot in his classes either) it could be awhile before we're both back.  We'll try to get together and do videos - but because of how we do them it takes effort and a lot of time we don't have right now - the last video we did took two whole days over spring break.  So maybe over the different holiday vacations we'll show up with a thing or two to say and maybe for you to watch. 

Now you may be wondering what we're going to be doing now that there's not going to be any new videos for a while - the answer is (besides studying): I don't know - but you can keep up to date with us over at our respective myspace profiles which each have links to the
Blogs that we're doing in between studying and homework.  So in closing I may see you around some time and I may not - but for the time being SFA is no longer part of my life - which really sucks because I really enjoyed doing the videos and (hopefully) making you guys laugh, chuckle, chortle, or whatever the sound you make is.  But my classes come first so until next time fellas.


"i just painted flames on my walker"
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