Swimming Across Canada
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My Goal:
To swim the distance across Canada.

While there is no direct waterway that goes across Canada, unless you count the oceans on the north, west and east coasts, there is a route that does cross Canada.

Many years ago, a route from one coast to the other was labled "Trans Canada Highway". My swim will follow most of this.

How I plan to do this is simple. I will be swimming lengths at my local pool. The distance I do will be marked out on a map. As I do more lengths, I will add that to the map, until I have swam the equivalent distance from one coast to the other.
Unlike some challenges that take weeks, or months to complete, this will take years. I figure at least 5 years, but likely over 10 years.
Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. From Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia it is over 6000km.

Many people have walked, run, biked, and drove across Canada.

My goal is slightly different.
I have swam: 61.15 km as of  March 03/2006
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About Me:
My stats:
Name: Micheal Artindale
Date of Birth: August 05, 1980
Residence: CFB Esquimalt, Victoria BC, Canada
Employment: The Canadian Armed Forces
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