About me...
   -- So who am I? Since you've come this far, obviously you were curious for whatever reason, but the answer is both complicated and not complicated. In a nutshell, I am a wanderer, I am an artist, a libertine and a prude. However, this is too simplistic and contradictory. To find out much more, you would have to meet me and get to know me in real life. There's only so much you can learn from scattered autobiographical essays, and in the past I've seen that some people (albeit pretty clueless ones) tend to misinterpret things and develop some pretty strange ideas of what I'm all about.. but these pages aren't for them.
      -- My life hasn't been all that extraordinary. Some say it's been interesting, but I somehow don;t see it that way... I do find my family lineage fairly impressive. We're descended from such luminaries as Charlemagne, the Anglo-Saxon Kings of England, and the Norse god, Odin... as well as a few more infamous folks. We had ancestors on both sides of the Battle of Hastings, and both sides of the Revolutionary War.
      -- I was born 26 Oct. 1962 in the East Cleveland, OH, the youngest of 4 kids. (two older brothers and an older sister)  When I was 4 we moved to Cleveland Heights, where I began my subversive career in the CHUH school system terrorizing all of the teachers. After my 7th Grade year, I was forced by my family to accompany them to Lee County, Florida, (a place I hated, but nonetheless resided in for 17 years). I
also spent 3 months living in Mountain Home, Arkansas.. a place that I would stab my own eyes out before moving back to.
      -- I was married in 1981 and tried to live "The American Dream" for a few years, but found the things that most people find as 'normal' and 'usual' were to me rather like wearing sandpaper underwear. An interesting novelty at first, but really uncomfortable after a while. If I could go back and change things, I would. I was separated and subsequently divorced about 18 months after my return to Cleveland in 1992. In 1996, I chucked everything and took a year off to get my bearings. I spent 7 months in Europe, and on my return, I ended up going off to college and getting my BFA in Acting from Ohio University. (and since I was essentially homeless during breaks, I did some travelling then as well!) After graduation in June 2001, I moved to Chicago, which is where I currently reside.
     -- Professionally, I've done quite a variety of jobs. My main trade has been offset printing, but I've dabbled in retail managment, selling insurance, stock clerking, file clerking, acting, and bookkeeping over the years. Nowdays, I do the latter two, and since founding Out/LOUD Theatre in 2002, some literary managment/dramaturgy type stuff to boot. I guess I still don't really know what I want to do when I grow up.
      -- I can't really say I'm an expert on many topics, but can converse intelligently about just about anything. Some people may think that I'm a know-it-all... That's probably true. My interests are all over the place.. This page highlights some of them..
travel, photography, theater, genealogy (I've been working on my family history since 1984), international relations, history and culture (which is one reason I love to travel so much), music, literature, and art. (another reason to travel)
So simply put, I have tons of hobbies. Far too many to list or realistically, to pursue, including some
slightly strange ones. But then, I've always been a bit of an odd bird. Ask anyone.

          I'm a ova-lacto-ichytho-vegetarian.
          I used to be a born-again Christian, but I outgrew it.
          I used to be a heterosexual but outgrew that too.
          I'm a proud member of both the Toasty-Fried Co-Op and Delta Lambda Phi!
          I live for travel, and do so whenever I can. (This doesn't do my acting career
          much good!)
          My fave drink is single-malt Scots whisky, especially from the islands.


   "I can see why some people might think he's respectable... not that
*I* would.."
               -- Rich Castelli

   "Your problem is that you think you're always right. (long pause) Unfortunately, you usually
are right..."
               -- Dave Parrino

    "Booboohead dinky-doodle."

               -- Gus

     "... you come across as phony and pretentious... a walking stereotype..."

               -- (some idiot from Minneapolis, referring to my web site)

     "...a Hemingwayesque swagger..."

              -- A theatre reviewer from the Cleveland Free Press...
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