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Dr. Turjman
Dr. Joyce
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Pathologist are a special type of doctor who participate in your day-to-day hospital care by providing and interpreting laboratory information. This information is used to help solve diagnostic problems and monitor the effects of therapy. The delicate management of patients with acute leukemia, auto-immune disease, cancer and other complex disorders frequently depends on the pathologist's medical knowledge and scientific skill.

A pathologist is a physician who took five or more years of additional training after completion of medical school in order to become an expert in the use of laboratory tests to diagnose and treat disease. Because of the pathologist's role in interpreting and reporting laboratory test results and in research, he or she is sometimes called "the doctor's doctor".

Meet the Pathologist at Clinch Valley Medical Center Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine:

        Dorid Turjman, M.D., Laboratory Director

        Larry Joyce, D.O., Staff Pathologist

Learn more about the areas of pathology listed below by clicking on the areas in the left menu. Information about the following areas is available:

        Anatomic Pathology

        Clinical Pathology