Awardz and Gallery

Hey ya'll, I hope you guys are enjoying my site. Anyways you have come here to try to get famous, see the choices and vote or see the winners of the competitions. If your here to see the winners scroll down. I will e-mail the winners their Award!

Newcomers- If you are new here and want your chances at winning all you have to do is e-mail me the picture of your dog or scene and a pitcure of yourself if you want. I then will e-mail you with the rest of the instrunctions.
Competitions- There will be 4 competions.
1.Cutest Hybrid Dog
2.Cutest Purebred Dog
3.Best Trick Dog (This means I need to see a pic. of the dog doing the trick)
4. Best Playscene (that you made up, note I think that's only for peeps who have Dogz4)
Voting- There is NO voting there was but I got to busy sorry. I pick the winners!
Gallery- I would like to say something important. This is where you will find the winners and the Dogz Show Button is where the veiwers see  what the competitors  have lost to. And if I get enough e-mails saying their was a much better competitor then the one I have chosen and the one the veiwers picked will tie in first place. Just to be fair. The Gallery and the Dogz Show will be cleaned every month. I ask you to please e-mail me SMALL pics of yourself. But you most be 13 or older to send them.Thanks!


Cutest Hybrid Dog

Cutest Purebred Dog

Best Trick Dog

No one here yet! Go play!

No one here yet! Go play!

This time the  winner is named Jet4cdude! He won the best trick dog contest! To see his dog go to Dogz Show!



"Guess That Breed Game"

Thank You Helpers!

HIPPICHIK00 Won the Guess That Breed Game. He was a Great Dane and a Labrador.

HIPPICHIK00 has helped with the dogz namez in the Namez section. Her namez were CC,Love, and Lilly.