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Well, here it is, as promised. Don't bother looking, as of now, there is absolutely nothing on the page. The people that I have spoken to do not yet have any pictures, but as soon as you get any please e-mail them to, and I will index, enhance, and post them as soon as possible (usually pretty damn quickly, considering that most of my friends are away for the summer). I'm putting this page here so that I can send you guys the URL, and you can bookmark it before I forget all about this, and so that you can be constantly harassed to send me stuff. Check back soon, because I'll probably have the rafting pictures up within a week.  ~Hal


I finally got my pictures developed, and I'm scanning them at school.  I have a few already, and put them on the site.  I still didn't get anyone else's, though, pretty upset at that.  I'll post the rest of my pics soon.  Check back some time in the next two weeks for more.  And send me some pics!  ~Hal


Happy New Year! And a Merry Chistmas to ye all, and guess what Santa brought?  The rest of my pictures! HAHA! And I decited to do it a smarter way this time, so the page should load a bit faster.  But I'm too lazy to fix the other one.  Talk to you guys soon! ~Hal


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