DE VOLKSSTEM is the name of a Dutch language newspaper printed in DePere, Wisconsin between 1889 and 1919. The newspaper was originally published on Friday, but in the first year it switched production to Wednesdays. The paper was 8 pages long and contained world, national and local news as well as running serialized novels and information specific to the Netherlands and Belgium. More importantly for genealogists, the newspaper reported on births, weddings and deaths that took place in and around the Green Bay/DePere, Wisconsin region. In addition, they had agents scattered throughout the US wherever Dutch and Belgian settlers moved, such as South dakota, Nebraska and Oregon.

I came across microfilm of the newspaper at the Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans in Roseville, Michigan. Copies of the microfilm also exist in the Green Bay central library. Reading through the microfilm I have found significant information on various ancestors. Based on this, I decided to go through as much of the microfilm as possible and collect all the birth, wedding and death information as possible. I have translated the articles as best as possible, and have recorded the information as Rich Text Format (RTF) documents.

At present, I have only examined the first 5 years, and there is no microfilm for year 2. Hopefully you will find this use. Unfortunately, I have since moved away from the Roseville, Michigan area. As such, I am not anticipating the posting of additional translations in the foreseeable future.


Year 1 and 3 (Deaths only)

Year 4

Year 5

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