Having researched the Belgian side of my Mother's family since 2002 I have complied a considerable amount of general information on Belgium as well as specific information on various regions. This web site has been created to share some of the information and resources I have uncovered during my work, so that these items will be availible to a greater number of people.

Most of the research I have conducted has centered on the Vlaams Brabant region of Belgium, in particular the towns and villages surrounding Overijse, Huldenberg, Neerijse and Oud-Heverlee. The resources availible on this site include; maps, Dutch language newspaper translations, family geneologies, and links to other useful sites.


Information on Vlaams Brabant
Translated Histories
Local Records Transcriptions
Local Photos

Information on Immigration and Immigrants to the US, specifically Wisconsin
De Volksstem Translations

Family Genealogies
Guns Families
VanPee Families

General Resources
French Republic Calendar
Common Dutch Words Translations
Links to Other Sites

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