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People are defined by the different characteristics that they possess. For example, social people can communicate easily with people. Anxious people are always uptight and worried. Selfish people only care about themselves and, normally, disregard the needs of others. Two of my most important qualities are devotion and my sense of working hard.

Devotion and working hard have shaped who I am. I am always devoted to anything I do, and I always try to give it everything. People always tell me that I work too hard, but I never give up. In the past, when an assignment or job – no matter how important it was – I always did it to the best of my ability. If I ever joined a sport and it turned out to be really difficult I still played. I might not have taken up the sport again, but I stayed for the season that I joined. Devotion also led me to doing my favorite type of activity – water sports. I started water sports with tubing when I was around 12. It was easy, of course, and it soon got boring, so I moved on to water skiing. However, I could not stay on the skis for more than a minute. My friends were with me. They all tried it, fell off, and then quit. I kept trying for that whole summer. Today, I can consider myself an “OK” water skier. Last summer, I also tried jet skiing. That is my favorite activity so far.

I hope that thee qualities will help me obtain a good future. Right now, my chosen career is that of a lawyer. I cannot guarantee that I will not change my mind. but right now, that is what I want to be. As much support as I have heard (“Great salary!” “Interesting choice”), I have heard equally as much discouragement. People have never failed to tell me that, in college, I would have to read every chapter of New York State law – which is about 100 volumes each 1,000 pages long. They have also told me that I would have to work much and than opening a firm would very difficult. But all this means is that I would have to be devoted and hardworking!

Devotion and hard work are some of my most important qualities. Because of them, I always manage to do various assignments well. They will also help me in becoming a lawyer

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