CASIO Cassiopeia A-20 H/PC Introduction

Picture of Cassiopeia A-20

The Cassiopeia A-20 is a Microsoft Windows CE-based Handheld PC was built in circa 1998. This site will help add new functionality and purpose to the device. Hopefully, this web site will also help the community of Cassiopeia A-20 users as support and software for the device discontinues and decreases.

The site first started as an assignment for an Internet and Multimedia course and is still intermittently updated. The guestbook and email are regularly checked. Links are listed to the third party software manufacturers of my H/PC and some rare software files are available for direct download.

The A-20 features personal information management, information synchronization, and scaled-down versions of Microsoft Office. A computer or a personal device is only as powerful and useful as its software. My A-20's most useful functions are contact and schedule management with Pocket MS Outlook, news browsing with AvantGo, and gaming with the PalmGB Gameboy emulator.

How are you using the Cassiopeia A-20? What software are you running? Contact me at

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