Takao Ueda

Here I have posted some of my research works on threshold transformations and dynamical systems of neural networks in a framework of discrete and combinatorial mathematics. 

A new article is:

On a class of threshold transformations having single-cycle attractors (PDF).


The following is a comprehensive seminar note. It consists of 12 PDF and 1 TXT files.

Threshold Transformations and Dynamical Systems of Neural Networks (4th Ed).

Preface and Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Representations of basic Boolean transformations

Chapter 3. Reflective transformations

Chapter 4. Threshold functions and transformations

Chapter 5. Modification of threshold transformations

Chapter 6. Dynamical systems of first-order neural networks

Chapter 7. Calculus of attraction

Chapter 8. Attractors in second-order neural networks

Chapter 9. Attractors in non-autonomous neural networks

Chapter 10. Case study: Neural integrators

References, Index, Symbols, and Notations

Appendix. Computer program tools

 If you want to directly access the Latex files, visit http://takaoueda.tripod.com.

If you have comments or suggestions, or if you are interested in joint research, email me at takaoueda@juno.com.