Expression is loosely defined as a means of putting forth, of bringing about something of meaning. To be expressive is to be meaningful, for in essence expression is in its entirety the hub of all interaction. To look at society is to look at a complex web of individuals loosely meshed together into the collective of humanity. The contradiction here is the paramount catalyst to the paradox of humanity, or namely the concept of the individual. What defines the human race is thought; the principles of existence. Thought, or awareness of the self, is what classes’ life into categories of sentience; which in itself is merely that; an acknowledgment of the existence of the individual. Thought has evolved since the first human, whether created or evolved, and has become more and more construed as the decades have passed. This is not to say that thought has become superior, or even more developed than that of the past but rather that is more complex, more construed by the other developments in society. The thriving aspect of humanity that has gained us our perch upon the world is thought, and expression is an extension of thought, it is taking it and communicating it, whether to the self or others.

Now this paragraph could be expanded into a conglomerate of impractical devolution that could extend into the realms of the infinite, and also could be compressed into a single word. Either way it would still convey one thing which is the purpose for its existence.

What you see here is a rather practical site, in that its matrix only extends as far as it needs to contain the context of its creation. This site is primarily a log of the works revolving around a book that is being developed and some basic information of the author and related articles. As this book is being developed it is a largely unfinished work and in need of major refinement and editing. Please if you feel the need contact the author with any ideas you may have; whether it be development wise or indeed editing wise.

So, unto the breach.

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