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The photo in the logo is my beautiful wife and myself when we were married over eight years ago! We have been together since 1989 and married since 1993!

I would love to hear from people that find this height difference interesting and / or exciting!

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 Welcome to this truly unique site!

It is the first home on the web (est. 1997) dedicated to those couples around the world where the woman is significantly taller than the man.

If you are in a relationship where this is the case or if you just dream to be, then this is the site for you!

Contrary to popular view of what couples "should" look like, there are many couples, both married and unmarried where the woman is significantly taller than the man.

Since couples like us are seemingly the opposite of what the "height difference" typically is, we hope that this page will accomplish two things:

1. Provide a place where couples like us will feel comfort knowing that we are not the only ones out there.

2. Provide a place where people who desire to be in a relationship like this can possible find that match.


If you are in a relationship where the woman is taller than the man, please contact me.

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