Here is our list of real life couples (keep them coming...) You are in GREAT company!

Updated 9/19/03

Gary 5'0", Sherri 5'10" -

Since we created the site I guess we'll go first. Here is where you tell everyone a little about yourselves... how you met, any special stories...

Wade 5' 11", Linda 6' 2"

I met my beautiful wife 3 years ago. Linda is 3 inches taller than me,
and we've both been completely comfortable with her being taller since
we started dating. In fact, Linda often wears high heels for dressy occasions, and we're both accustomed to the height difference. We don't receive any funny looks in public. If there's anything that does attract everyone's attention, it's our almost one year old baby boy, as everyone we meet can't help admiring him and telling us how cute he is! Actually, our son is already 29 pounds and 32 inches long, so we guess he's going to be tall like his Mommy. We're glad we're among the happy couples listed on this website.

Husband 5' 6", Nancy 5' 11"

My name is Nancy and I am taller than my husband of eight years. He is 5'6" and I am 5'11". I almost didn't go on a first date with him because he was shorter than me. He was very nice and extremely interested in me. I went to lunch with him and found out that we both had similar interests in rock music. We liked attending concerts, going to movies, biking, walking and we were both into working out regularly. We found out that our families had many similarities also. My father was
raised on the same block his family was raised on in Chicago. We have the same amount of brothers and sisters. It seemed like we were meant to be together- like soul mates. If I had let the height issue stop me where would I be now???

We both hate dancing so at least we don't have to feel awkward and silly. I try not to wear high heeled shoes. Actually, it doesn't seem to bother my husband at all.

Lawrence 5' 9", Holly 6' 0"

Hello, what an interesting website! I am 6' and my fiance is 5'9 1/2. I didn't even realize he was shorter when we first dated because he always wears cowboy boots! Anyway, we don't even notice our height difference anymore, until somebody feels compelled to point it out. It's funny to me that when I meet someone new, and tell them about my guy, the first thing they ask is how tall he is! But we are crazy in love, and he loves me to wear beautiful hi-heels, and I love being able to reach things off the high shelves for him...LOL. Well, it is nice to know other couples are out there, and that everyone seems to be as happy and in love as we are...."despite the height difference!" -Holly

Boyfriend 5' 6", Catherine 6' 0"

This e mail is about my short boyfriend and myself. Two years ago I put a profile about myself on a size-acceptance dating site. I am a female, 6 ft. tall and about 250 lbs. I received a few replies within the first few weeks of posting my profile,
> but they were all from married men looking to have extra marital affairs and I wasn't interested in this. Then the replies stopped and I forgot about
> the profile. About a year later, I got a reply from Joe - single, my age and interested in getting to> know me better. We e mailed back and forth for a few
> months, got to know one another a bit, and this is when I found out his height - 5' 6". I admit, at first it worried me because I had never gone out with someone so much shorter than myself. But Joe seemed like such a great guy and I decided not to let something as superficial as height differences keep me from meeting this person. After 3 months of e mailing and talking on the phone, we finally met in person. There was an immediate attraction and we decided to keep seeing each other. I was worried that Joe might feel uncomfortable with me being so much taller than him, and it took a bit of getting used to for me. I worried about silly things like what it would be like the first time we kissed. I fantasized about setting up the situation so that he would be standing up and I would be sitting on the arm of a chair, or the couch - I thought this would make us both feel more comfortable and he would be taller than me in this position. Turns out Joe likes to kiss me standing up - he really doesn't mind the height difference and infact LIKES it. I was self conscious at first but have totally gotten over that. Our relationship has moved from me being self conscious, to me being accepting of our height difference, to me actually LIKING it!!! Yes, I actually like things the way they are and now when I> try to think about being with a man as tall or taller than me, I can't imagine it. Of course this has alot to do with Joe himself... he is a wonderful man and treats me like a queen. Our relationship is getting more serious by the day, and I can't imagine being with anyone but him. We joke about our differences and are quite happy with one another. He has helped me become much more accepting of my height and size, since these are issues that have plagued me much of my life. We live in a society that has little tolerance for tall or large women and this can definitely affect a woman's self esteem. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to share our story!! Catherine

Walter 5'4", Mary 6'1"

My husband and I have been married l9 years. My husband is a little guy, stands 5'4" and weighs ll5 lbs usually. I am a towering 6'l" and weighs around l90lbs. Wow you say! That's right, and we are as mch in love as the day we first married and two great, big kids ago (they take after me). Height difference? What height difference?
My husband, Don, and I were colleagues. We found that we gradually got attracted to each other, and ultimately found that we were in love much to our surprise. Then we decided to marry. When I took Don home for the firs time, My mother was appalled. She said it was rediculous. When we told her that we decided to get married, she refused to saction it, and said that, if we went through with it, she would not come to the wedding. My dad, however, was a very understanding man, and when he realized that we were really in love, he quietly helped us. So we went through with the wedding, wtih my dad dragging my reluctant mother to the church. She didn't ever kiss me,just offered her cheek and barely stuck out her hand to Don for a weak handshake.
After we were married, my father vcisited us, but not mum. She never stopped calling Don "that little man". We did our duty, and dispite my mother's hostilitiy, visited my parents regularly. Always cold shoulders from Mum. Thing started to change when the first baby was born. My dad dragged my mum to our house, and my Mum looked down cooly at the baby, and grudgingly held her when we pressed her in her arms. Then the second baby.arrived. The kids made the difference,and they finally won over my mother.
Now, there is no one in the world like Don as far as my mother is concerned. If Don and I fight, my mother always sides with him. He has become her Golden Boy.
Our love never waned. Sure, like any other couple, we tease other about our size difference, but never with bad intent. As a matter of fact, my husband main teasing objectsare my size l2 feet.
I know that people stare at us. so what? We are comfortable and the majority of the time, we don't even notice our sizes. Husband and wife, that's what we are!

Husband 5'7", Jaime 6'1"


Boyfriend 5'9", Diana 6'3"

I am 6'3" and my boyfriend of 8 years is 5'9". He loves my height and it has never been a problem, although he did feel slightly strange at first. He often gets asked how it is having a taller girlfriend.
He also likes the attention drawn to us although I think lately he would like more attention for himself - he even suggested getting some platform shoes!
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be the smaller one and enjoy that sense of physical security that most women must get from their taller partners but overall I like being different - it adds excitement to life.

I would like to hear from other tall girls who wear hi-heels, any replies would be great.

Boyfriend 5' 7", Alison 5' 10"

Hi, My name is Alison, I'm 5'10 and I've been dating my boyfriend Phil 5'7 for the past year. I'm glad I came across your website. I must admit I'm still self-conscious in public and I try wearing shoes that aren't that high when we are out and about. I know it's ridiculous but for some reason it's just not the norm in our society. Not only is my boyfriend 3 inches shorter he's also 14 years older! An engagement is likely to happen in the next few months and although he's not what I expected physically it's the best relationship of my life.

CL 5'4", Wife 5'9"

I'm a Hispanic high school teacher who was always attracted to taller women, but faced rejection because of my height. . .

. . . until I met my angel on a Christian website.
I'm lucky she had forgotten to write that she prefered taller men.

She was nice enough to keep an open mind. To make a long story short, we
had a long-distance courtship (I live in Florida, she lived in Indiana) of about 6 months before we got married in March, 2003. Her mother wasn't crazy about
my height. She even asked her, "Why are you dating him? He's not going to grow any more."
Since, my now-mother-law is more like a mother to me. As far as my wife, I find her height, pretty face and full-figure to be very sexy -- to me she's like a dream girl. To top it off, she is the sweetest, kindest woman I've ever met. I can't help but feel pride and successful when we go to church together (or anywhere else for that matter). I love to show off how beautiful and tall she is. I welcome all the stares! She can where all the heels she want. I ran into this website by accident and was glad to see there are others in the "club". I like the fact it's done in good taste, too. I must admit, I look around to see if there are other couples out there like us. Keep it up.

CL, the husband


new love 5'7", Sandy 5'9"

Hi, Im 5'9 and my new love is 5'7. With the big shoes being in style today, Im always quite a bit taller than he. Funny though, I have always dated guys shorter than I. They just turn out to be the ones that are funny and full of life. It doesnt really bother me, and he says its not a problem for him, although at first we werent even comfortable with eachother, you know how new relationships are. But now, its not a big deal at all. We actually make jokes about it all the time teasing eachother. All that really matters is how you feel about the person. Looks are nothing, and love in in the heart not the height.

Boyfriend 5'6", Anonymous 5'7" -

Hi, my name is XXX and I must say I really enjoyed your website.
However, I did not care for the article from I don't
think guys should give up chasing taller girls if that is whom they
find attractive. I am currently in love with a guy that is not
significantly shorter, he's 5'6" and I am 5'7" but I love to wear bombshell, high heels. My ex-husband was 5'8 and I felt I always had to accomodate him during pictures etc. by tiltinng my hip or wearing flats. With this guy it doesn't seem to bother him one bit. I was a tall, single girl and I would never have brushed shorter men off in a club. That is why I did not care for that article. Short men, we love you, please talk to us
tall girls.That's my opinion. Thanks. XXX PS. I do not wish this published.

Miguel 5'4", Gaby 5'6.5"



Don 5'6", Kristie 6'3"

I was just visiting your website, actually looking for imformation about other tall women like myself (hoping that I really wasn't the only one). I just wanted to brag, I guess you could say, about how wonderful it is to be in the tall woman/short man relationship. Of course we always get stares, but I have come to the point where I don't even notice anymore. People are always surprised when I tell them that my boyfriend (soon to be fiance') is 9 inches shorter than me. I am now at the point where I actually like telling people, because I love seeing their reactions (maybe its just a strange fetish of mine). I was so glad to see your picture, I guess in some way it told me that we weren't the only ones, and that soon I would be in the same position. Thank you so much.

Chad 5'5" Michelle 5'8"

Did not know there was so many couples out there. A friend of both of our introduced us almost 2 years ago. It was love at first sight for both of us. 7 months later we were married. Our height diffrence does not bother either of us. It's kind of fun!!!


Boyfriend 5'7", Keri 6'1"

My name is Keri. I am 6 feet 1 inch. My boyfriend is 5 feet 7 inches. We have a beautiful 2 and 1/2 year old together. I love being tall and he loves it too!

Boyfriend 5'9", Lee 6'1" -

HI, my name is lee. Im in a relationship that deals with taller women
shorter men. Im 6'1 and my guy 5'9 Im black and he's white. When we go out I dont know wether were being starred at for the height difference or our skin color. A lot of the time Im wondering if I should find a taller guy so he can hold me in his arms but im afraid that I won't get the same loving as I do with my guy now. Actually, I don't want another guy I just wish he was taller. My guy is everything I want and more and I truly love him and yet I still wish he were taller...we've managed to deal with it for 3 years but its starting to worry me.

Hi, Its lee agian. I just read some of your stories on your site and i
really wish you would disregard what I said. I should have browsed a little before writing that. Now I just feel more secure and in love with him. At first it kind of felt like it was only me but ITS NOT!!!! Thanks agian to all the people that have spoken up. It made me look at it alot differently and he really is a great loving guy and all that matters is that im being treated good. With that, i cant argue.

Chris 5'11", Sadie 6'2"

I'm not that much taller than my husband, but I am. You said to contact
you if we were a couple where the woman was taller :) I am 6'2" and he is about 5'11". People definitely notice, especially when I wear my 2"
platforms. We got married on Valentine's Day of this year, so we are newlyweds, kind of. Just thought I'd contact you! I didn't know that many women were taller than their husband/boyfriend ~ there's no women taller than their husband around here!

Ron 5'6", Donna 5'10"

Yes, indeed my boyfriend is about4 inches shorter than me, we first met
many years ago,and dated for a few years. He moved away and we had not seen each other for 26 years, but I am happy to say that seeing him again was the most exciting time of my life, and best of all the feeling was mutual!!! We are extremely happy together. I am sure we always will be. The height difference has never been an issue for us.

Robert 5'9.5", Deirdre 6'0"

I discovered your site over a year ago, while talking to a short friend in Italy. I found it to be intriguing. I had always been interested in dating a
shorter man. Unfortunately, most shorter men weren't interested. They seemed intimidated. I became friends with a man at work over three years ago. We started dating last fall and got married July 1st. He
is 5'9 1/2", and I am 6'0". It isn't a huge difference, but we do get looks, and when I wear heels to church or out on a date with him, we get more
looks. We wanted for me to wear heels for the wedding but since we had it outside, decorated tennis shoes worked better. Anyway, we are happy and don't even make jokes about the difference. We just enjoy being
ourselves. Thanks for this site. Good luck.

Neil 5'0", Katie 5'6.5"

Neil (5'0") and I (Katie 5'6.5") met online over a year ago now. I wasn't looking for a beau at the time, we were both in other relationships. I always have been one of those women that is only looking for Mr "tall dark and handsome", But when Neil and I finally agreed to meet for a casual lunch about 3 months ago, it wasn't exactly love at first sight (after all we'd both seen each other around the Chemistry department at the college we attend), but it was more like love at second glance. He is the most amazingly handsome and attractive man I've ever met. (as far as I'm
concerned) I never once thought that I could possibly stand to be with a man shorter than I was until I met Neil. He never though that he would be comfortable with a woman 6 inches taller than he is. Yet, even with our pre set height requirements, we both know that when it comes to soul-mates, Height doesn't matter. All those women that swear that they could NEVER look past a man's height, well, I thank them. After all, if they hadn't scorned Neil for his Height, he and I might have never met.

Jon 5'7", Lisa 5'10"

Hi, I am 3 inches taller than my fiancé. The hight difference used to really bother me because I was always thinking of what other people thought. We've been together for 3 years and have only recently begun holding hands in public. It was always me with the insecurity. I'm so glad to have found this site! I know that what other people think doesn't matter. All that matters is that we love eachother and that we're getting married in September!! I love him so much and we get along so well and I am so lucky to have found someone like him to share my life! I feel more and more secure about our height difference and this web site just made me feel 100% better that there are other people out there the same as us!

Thank you!

Jonathan 5'6", Ariane 6'1"

We checked out your site the other day and we were both thrilled to
know we weren't alone! My husband is 5'6" and I am 6'1". We met in 1989 at university and were attracted to each other, but did not click right away. This was mainly because of personality traits. A few years later we ran into each other again and went out a few times. I thought that our racial/ethnic difference was more of an issue at the time, I am "white" and he is "brown", and thought he would be "better off" with friends of mine that had East Indian backgrounds. I got over it. We started dating in 1992. The height difference has been the main issue for us since then. We have gotten stared at and laughed at, but the hardest times have been during feelings of discomfort around each other. Fortunately we did not let that keep us from getting married in 1995. We have been married almost 5 years and we love each other more and more as
time passes. We are soulmates.

I think the times when I forget about the height difference the most is
when I have invested time in the relationship. To be able to fend off
negativity from others and from myself, I need to feel like my husband and I are connected. This means resolving disputes, spending quality time
together, and yet having enough time for myself that I don't feel suffocated. It is really too bad that society has such rigid boxes around what is "normal" and what isn't. I guess couples like us have to break ground for those that follow, just like every other oppressed group in history. I hope all of us hang in there and show that men and women don't need to be so rigid about their roles in life.

Pheng 5'2", Erica 5'8"

I am so glad I found this site. I makes me feel so much better knowing
that I am not the only female out their in love with a shorter man. I
am 5'8" and my fianeé is 5'2". We just got engaged yesterday! I met
him when I was 16 yeas old. He was probably only about 2" taller than
me back then, but needless to say I grew a lot in the past couple of
years. When he first asked me out I would always make up some excuse
because we look so different. I have never been a person who likes all
the attention on me ( I like to just blend into the crowd). But, I knew
that if I started to date him people would begin to stare at us, which
makes me uncomfortable. He was very persistent from the start. Finally
I agreed to go out with him. 5 an a half years later we are now
engaged and madly in love. It is still hard to see all of the stares that we
get and to listen to all of the smirks and laughs behind our backs. I
have been asked a lot by friends, family members, and by people I don't
even know , " how can you be with him, he is so short ?!" I never have
figured out why it is any body else's business who I am with. Why do
they care so much. I have lost lots of friends over this because the
say I deserve better. But, the thing is, is that I feel like I already
have the best. No relationship is " Perfect" . I feel that I am a
pretty lucky knowing that I have someone who loves me like he does. Some
one I can turn to, can trust, can laugh with, and cry with. Why would I
ever want what society calls "perfect" when I already have what is
perfect to me.

Mike 5'6", Lynn 6'0"

My boy friend and I have been dating a little over 11/2 years. At first I
was a bit insecure over the height difference but I have learned to deal
with it and if people can't accept it then too bad for them. We are very
much in love and couldn't care less what others may think. No one can
tell you who too love, it just happens. Believe me, I have found true love
with Mike, he is the man of my dreams and I wouldn't change him for
anything. Keep up the site, looking good!

Her Man 5'5", Stephanie 6'0"

I just ran across your web page and had to click the link becuase I am in a realtionship where I am MUCH taller than my man. I am 6'0" and he is 5'5". He said that he had a slight problem with it on our first date because he felt like a little boy but now he doesnt think anything of it. I dont mind it. I like it that he is smaller because I have always been attracted to smaller thinner men. Just thought that you might like to know that theres great relationships out there that the woman is much taller than the man...

Nathan 5'6", Onya 5'11"

i am 5'11" and my husband is 5'6" and i think it is great. some times
our friends will tease us but we don't find a problem with it. i have
always dated shorter men it is harder to find atractive men who are
taller then me so it was never a problem with me. at first it was a
little hard for my husband to get use to. but we are both very
attracted to each other and love each other no matter what out size is.:)

James 5'5", Anne 5'7"

We met in a church singles' group. I agreed to go out with him for New
Year's Eve. We had dinner, then went to a party in the church hall with a
lot of other single friends. He wanted to slow dance, and since my feet
were killing me, I took off my high heels. Misunderstanding why, James
looked apologetic and said, "I could get lift shoes, if you want." I replied that that wasn't the reason I took off my shoes and if he didn't care about being shorter than I was, I didn't care--and I really didn't. He was smart, kind, thoughtful, generous, funny, honest, and a good cook. That's what mattered to me.

We dated for 4 years before he popped the question, and we got married in December of 1999. Something I didn't find out until we were
engaged--great-grandmothers on both sides of my family married shorter
men, and were plenty happy with their choices. I know I'm plenty happy with mine!

Height, schmeight. It's not what counts.

Kraig 5'9", Amy 6'2"

I am an inspired tall woman. My fiance is not so tall however. I am 6' 2" long and he is 5' 9"! We have one of the best relationships in the world. My point of view anyway! Personality and compatibility are worth far more than height difference.

Sunil 5'6", Shilpa 6'2"

I am very glad to see this site. I havr married 2 years back with sunil.Height was always a problem for for my elder brother too shorter than me and he is 6'0". I met Sunil in the school when we were of almost same height. But I grew taller afterwords. We both are working in the same company but sunil doesn't have any problem with both of us entering the office at the same time. and also with my heels. I think I won't find any husband which is so caring for me.

Steve 5'6", Francoise 5'9"

I thought I'd try the Yahoo! personals for dating. EVERY ad requested that the man be 5'10" or taller. I'm 5'6", and it actually felt a bit insulting. I answered an ad that said she was 5'9" and wanted, "tall, dark, and handsome". I replied that I was everything she wanted except tall....We've been together since Feb. of 1998. She's 6 ft in heels, and a blonde, stone fox. It was actually harder for me to get used to our height difference than her.

Brian 5'7", Denise 6'2"

We have been together for five years. When we go out together, we get looks from strangers. But I feel that Brian is the most loving man I have ever known. Good luck to all other couples like us; and remember, all that matters is love.

Sean 5'1", Mona 5'8"

I found your website. I guess I could have wished to find it sooner but it's not too bad. Mona and I have been married a little over a week now. As I said, I'm 5'1" and she is 5'8". That alone makes us an odd couple I suppose, and when we first met, she did wish I were taller. She now accepts it a little more readily (we had been dating for three years to the day when we got married). A very upsetting thing I found was cake tops for the wedding cake. They ALWAYS depicted the groom taller than the bride, which I found offensive. I finally found it. They were actually bears, I think the series is Precious Teddies, and while not intended for cake tops, I did find a couple where the male was shorter. Actually I think he was one of the groom's attendants, but for my purposes it did the trick. I recall us practicing, her kneeling slightly so I could lift her veil and kiss her when the wedding day came. It worked.... because I couldn't readily do it with her standing up all the way. So it's great. I love her dearly, even if her mother wishes I were taller. I didn't marry her mother. So I'm so glad that you have the web site up. I'll talk to Mona about it... this may be a place to upload a wedding picture.

J.D 5'7", Sulayne 6'0"

My husband and I have been married for 12 years. I am 32 year old. I am 6 feet tall and he is 5'7" tall. We have 2 beautiful little girls. I just happend on your site by accident and love the fact that it is out there..


Alain 5'4", Sylvie 5'8"

Hello my name is Alain I am from Quebec and i am french. My girlfriend Sylvie is 5'8 and i am 5'4

Brian 5'7.5", Michelle 5'11"

Jesse 5'3", Bonnie 5'7"

I am of ave. hieght for a woman........5'7". My husband is 5'3".We met at work. I am an RN. He is a physician. We have been happily married for 9 years.

Harry 5'10", Dianne 6'2"

For both of us it was love at first sight. To be honest, I am a successful woman and most men seem to be intimated by me because of my standing in business and height. Harry was much different, he was the most wonderful and supportive man I've ever met. People still look because of the height difference, but that's absolutely OK with him and to be honest I really never cared. So I even wear my 4" heels when I'm going out with him and he loves it. It's the first time in my life that I've really ever loved someone. He's the most wonderful man I've ever known and I'm so gald we've met each other now.

Dave 5'4", Carelyn 5'7

Today I found your site and realize that I am not the only tall woman w/ a short guy. I am only 5'7" he is close to 5'4" we have been together for 9 years.

Shawn 5'6", Amanda 5'11

I am so glad that I found this site! I think its wonderful, and he thinks its sexy.

Bill 5'10", Margaret 6'0"

We will have been married 20 years this Sept. Life just
keeps getting better and better! I have never had a relationship
with a guy as tall as myself or taller. I am from a family line where my dad
was 6'6", and my little brother is 6'7". I believe that for me,
there is no such thing as "too tall".

Steve 5'4", Karen 6'1"

Thank you for this site. We met in High School when and have been together for 10 years. We have been married for 3. It is not always easy but Steve is the most caring man I have ever met and he treats me like a queen.


Dan 5'6", Karen 5'9"

i love your web page. im 5 '9" and my husband of 5 years is 5' 6" i wouldn't trade him for all the tea in china.

Jeff 5'9", Sharon 6'0"

What a great idea for a site!! We are incredibly happy together. We
are always on the lookout for potential members of "the club"( woman
taller than the man) when we're out at shopping malls, etc. It was not always easy at first--my wife says as recently as three years ago(when we first met) she believed that it was "ghastly" for a woman to be seen in the presence of a shorter man. And, truth be told, had someone suggested four years ago that I'd fall in love(and then, marry) a woman taller than I, I
would have chuckled no end. We do not dwell on the "height thing", but
neither do we avoid it. Height is but one part of who we both are. Sure, there are times when we BOTH wish I were at least 6'0", just as -- to be quite honest -- we BOTH wish we won the lottery, but as we grow deeply in love the height thing diminishes in importance.

Husband 5'2", Vivian 5'4"

I am slightly more than 2 inches taller than he is - I am 5'4 1/2! I think it is hilarious that he and his family call me tall! My whole life I wanted to be "tall"! I met him over the internet! I saw his picture/ad and thought he was
the cutest thing. I am divorced and was looking for a taller model - my
ex-husband was 5'4. So when I checked the stat info and it said 5'2... well first I couldn't believe it...and then I thought ummmm...I really
wanted a taller guy but am I gonna be stupid and let a little thing like 2
inches stop me? Na - so - we have been dating for 6 months. I don't notice the height thing anymore, and he occasionally likes to say: women don't usually date shorter men. I think he is still a little surprised by it!

Phil 5'3", Brynn 5'8"

Before Brynn I had never dated anyone taller than 5'4. I thought I would just take a shot in the dark with her. We found that we have a lot of the same interests and we soon looked beyond the height difference. Honestly her family (of tall people) found her choice of me odd at first, but they soon saw beyond the height difference too.

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