Welcome to New York, Manhattan to be more specific. Things have changed a lot in the past few years and I figure I'm as good a source as anyone else to tell you about it. You probably already know the general stuff, the heavy damage from endless delta battles, the tops of buildings being sheared off, etc. If not, go check out Delta Times or Ravaged Planet, I'm not wasting my time repeating what's already out there.

I'm going to talk about the more recent events. The Zone where they dump all the un-wanted types down at the southern end of the island or the murders that claimed more than a dozen lives in the span of a month (most of them street people so cops worked REAL hard to catch the killer).

But first I guess some introductions are in order:

The Team
I go by Jack, sometimes Diamond Jack when I'm feeling playful. I'm a bouncer and have been for about 5 years now. My story starts in Virginia (I'm not going to say where). A female friend of mine and I got mugged on our lunch break one day. The mugger shot me then turned the gun on her, next thing I knew the guy was dead, I had beat him to death without even realizing it. It didn't take long for the cops to show and realize I was a delta, when that happened I took off running and never looked back. Eventually I wound up here, where I've been doing my best to eek out a living ever since.

Stone's a tough and he's real anxious to show you. He's not the sharpest stick in the pit trap. But he's brave and he IS tough and he won't hesitate to lay his life on the line for a friend. That kind of loyalty is hard to find these days.

Finally we have Mason, he's a blaster but he's also a lot more. In the short time I've known him he's proven invaluable as: a driver, a hacker and a medic. This is the kind of guy everyone should have on their team.

The Zone
The Zone was constructed about 2 years back. New York's jails were full and both the Fortress and New Alcatraz were practically bursting with inmates. The jails said enough, there were so many criminals and "rogue" deltas coming out of New York that the jails said they couldn't take anymore.

So the mayor got the idea to build the Zone. Most of the southern tip of Manhattan had already been taken over by gangs and deltas and pretty much destroyed, so the mayor decided to let them have it. They did a major sweap of the whole area, re-locating anyone they wanted to move and leaving behind anyone they didn't or that put up too much of a fight.

Then, taking a cue from San Francisco, the mayor constructed a massive 20 ft. wall across the sourthern tip of the island and setup "border guards" all around it. Now, whenever some poor slob or psychotic gets to troublesome, they just toss'em into the Zone and forget about them. Sure there are innocents who have been trapped in there for the past two years, but hell, they had their chance to get out, so frag'em. That's most people's opinions anyway.

The Gangs of the Zone-
The StormTroopers run the territory at the tip of Lower Manhattan, the Sons of General Lee and the Easy Riders run the areas to the left and right, respectively, while the poor Dregs run a small area inbetween all three. The Brainiacs own only the United Nations building.

You can find more information on the gangs here.

The Deltas
The New York Underground Times once boasted that along with the lowest per capita income and highest slum ratio per square foot of any US city (including Crescent City), NY also has the largest ratio of deltas to regs. While I find that hard to believe, I have seen more deltas here than anywhere else I've lived and I've seen a lot of types that I'd never even heard of anywhere else.

For more details check out the deltas here.

Just the Facts
Find out the truth about Anita Matter, the Junkers and the NY City Bombing here.

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