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Updated 28/01/04
Well Grace is now almost 3 years old and doing wonderfully. Grace's webpage has recently been updated and can be viewed by clicking the button above. Feel free to take a look and sign her guestbook to let her know you stopped by.

We also found out recently that we are expecting baby number 2 in early August 2004. So we will definantly keep you updated on the progress of that little bundle.
Now on to my homepage *LOL* Firstly, thanks for stopping by....  I guess I had better give you some info huh!

Age: 28
Home: Melbourne, Australia
Marital Status: Married (on Feb 12th 2000) Husband is Dale
Children: Grace Lavinia Redmond, born February 23rd 2001 weighing 9lbs 13oz
Occupation: I was a personal assistant to a financial planner for 8 and a half years and then I left to become a full time mum. Just recently I have gone back full time to help out my boss for a few months.
Hobbies: Being with the people I love *S*, making webpages, collecting MP3s, drawing, writing poetry, socialising, and capturing my daughter doing cute things on camera!
Favourite Music: Matchbox 20, Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Live, ALL 80's music, etc etc.
Favourite Computer Programs: PSP6, Microsoft Publisher 98, Winamp, CuteFTP, ICQ

Well it's been a long time coming but here is a new update on this page. Dale and I are now officially husband and wife... meaning we can now have sex legally *LOL*
But in all seriousness... the day was absolutely fantastic and I had the best bridal party a girl could wish for. My two best friends, Andrea and Katherine (who are sisters by the way), did a wonderful job and helped make the day fun for everyone.

I always told them I'd be the last out of us three to get married and they've reminded me of that statement for the past 12 months.

I sincerely want to thank them for being there for me, even though they were more nervous than I was. And I will be eternally grateful for their help and support the night before the wedding.
And Dale's brother Paul (my new brother in law) and my brother Rodney did a great job getting Dale there and keeping him out of trouble *G*. They all looked fantastic.

I also want to thank them for their sincere and honest speeches. They made us laugh and they made us cry and I am very, very proud of them both.

Dale and I want to thank you for being there beside us on our special day.
We had a lovely celebrant, Wendy Adams, who helped us prepare the perfect ceremony. She made it so easy for us to pick our own vows and make it a day we would cherish forever. We have decided to share the readings from our vows because so many people loved them. They can be viewed here.
I have also set up a page listing all the wonderful people who helped us on this special day including photographer, celebrant, limos, DJ etc. If you live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne then definitely give these people a call as I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them. Their details can be viewed here.
Well last but not least if you would like to view more of our wedding photos then please do so here.
I think that's just about everything... hope I didn't put anyone to sleep. See you around some time in computerland.

BYEEEEEEE!!                 Tania

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