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Radu's Cave

A Vampire's Hideout

Welcome to my Lair. This CSS layout was downloaded from MagickDream, and you can find more stuff like it by clicking their logo at the left. I plan to make my own CSS layout eventually but I was more worried about getting some pages up for now, and this layout is very nice.

I've been known by a lot of different names over the years. Some people knew me first as WiseGuy. Then other names came along, like CheekyMonkey (don't ask lol), Tanis Nailo, Ivan Dracor, Radu Vladislas, and countless other names I've used in online "skits." Over the years I've had so many friends, and lost so many of them. I really hate losing touch with people, especially people who meant so much to me in my life. Some people I know I'll never see again, and some people I know don't ever want to see me again. But I still miss them and I want them to know how much they meant to me when they were in my life. Because I am feeling rather nostalgic lately, I'm going to list some of the people I've been thinking of lately, and would love to at least know how they are. This list is by no means conclusive and if I counted you a friend and your name's not on it, that doesn't mean I don't miss you. Anyways, if anyone who sees this site knows any of these people, please let them know that I miss them and I think about them every now and again, and hope that everything is going good in their lives.

Well ok, so here goes

  • Vishanti M. - Man do I miss you and your blue hair, lol. Loved hanging with ya and eating at Fran's (I think that was the name of the place where we had breakfast anyways lol). It seems you're doing well, and I see you're starring in a feature film now called Isabelle. That's great and from the trailers I saw it looks fantastic. It was nice watching the trailers and seeing you smile again :) I tried to catch you on BMPtv when you were there but life always got in the way of me keeping in touch with people. I know I'll probably never talk to you again but I want ya to know I still love ya. You were one of the best friends I had:) Good luck!!
  • Giulia M. - Heya Pinky, miss you. Tried to get ahold of you a while back but every way to get ahold of the people I used to know seems to have disappeared. Like I told Vish, it was great hanging with the both of ya when I went to TO. Someday I'm gonna make it back up that way and spend a bit more time there lol. I hope you're doing well and I miss ya.
  • Christopher M. Cook - Man, where the hell are you dude? I tried to contact you after I left Rose-Hulman, but you were gone I guess. I wonder what the hell you're doing these days. Hope you're doing well. I miss all my great friends.
  • Xtacy - Ok so I don't know your real name, but damnit I still miss ya X :) I was trying to get ahold of ya but to no avail. Hope things are great for ya! Muah.
  • Sabrina G. - Heya. I wonder how you and Lissette are doing all the time. I thought about you both when that stuff happened in NYC. It's been a really long time, and I hope you and Reuben are doing well. Love ya. Muah.
  • Mirela - I just hope you're doing ok.
  • Elena - Good luck with everything .... I'll always love ya :)
  • Laura - Mooo :)

    Well that's all I'm gonna add for now, the list is pretty endless so I'll add more as time goes on. If by chance any of these people happen to see this page, and you wanna say hi, PLEASE, email me!!!

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