online Tanjore is the "Rice bowl of Tamil Nadu" and famous for the Brahadeeswarar Temple. The temple was constructed more than thousand years ago by the King Rajarajan, is an architect's marvel. It is a flourishing centre for bronze sculpture and painting.

Thanjavur was the royal city of the Cholas, Nayaks and the Mahrattas. Thanjavur was at height of its glory during Rajaraja Cholan. The Big Temple and the other famous temples in the district are known all over the world. Thanjavur was the cultural capital of the country in 1790. Thanjavur gained prominence during the period of Chola Kings, who made it as their capital. It is known as the Granary of the South India lying in the deltaic region of the famous river Cauvery and criss-crossed by lengthy network of irrigation canals.

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Tanjore - 'Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu,
Thanjavur lies to the east of Trichy and has the reputation as the "Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu". The Tamil University, set up recently is situated here and is devoted to the growth of Tamil literature and language. One of the best temples in South India, the Brihadeeswarar Temple or the Big Temple built by the greatest Chola emperor Raja Raja Chola, is that dynasty's finest contribution to Dravidan temple architecture. If the Big Temple is an ancient landmark of Thanjavur, the Tamil University a Temple of learning could be spoken of, as its modern counterpart with its impressive temple-like facade along with its library housed in a circular building resembling the architectural style of India's parliament.
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